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FOX selects Giuliani as graphic for possible future president over Clinton or Gore

Reported by Chrish - January 2, 2007 -

Douglas Kennedy reported today 1/2/07 on Gerald Ford's memorial service at Washington's National Cathedral. There were clips of attendees and short videos of comments being made in honor of the late President. Over it all was dramatic music and Kennedy's narration.

One item in particlar grabbed my attention and a review of the recording confirmed it. As Kennedy intoned "It was a day of pomp. and Presidents,current and former..." the video showed only former Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Bush mingling. But as he progressed to "...and possibly, future." we were given a shot of Rudy Giulianin sitting in the pews.

Now we know Al Gore and Hillary Clinton were there, so what made FOX choose to highlight Rudy Giuliani as the (possible) future president? It wouldn't be a tiny bit of partisan politicking on their part, would it?

Petty? Maybe. Typical? Definitely.