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FOX Hosts' New Year's Message: Mexicans, Stay Home

Reported by Marie Therese - January 2, 2007 -

On January 1, 2007 the FOX & Friends First hosts - Kelly Wright, Kiran Chetry and Paige Hopkins - spent a few low quality minutes bad-mouthing Mexico and its citizens who come here to work. As the transcript below reveals, their script writers at FOX News Channel believe that immigrant bashing is a sure-fire winning strategy for Republicans during the coming election cycle.

KELLY WRIGHT, FOX News host, gospel singer and ordained Christian minister: If something should happen to them while they're crossing the border, they can actually set this SATNAV off ... and that would alert the authorities to where the illegals are. This apparently is being done to save their lives but the Mexican government as well as our authorities in the United States are aware that they have this device now.

PAIGE HOPKINS: Yeah, 200 of them are being given out, because apparently, when you enter the country illegally, it's a quite treacherous endeavor. But, I mean, this just sent me over the edge. Do you, when I read this, I literally thought it was a joke. I thought: Ya' gotta be kidding! You're giving illegal immigrants handheld satellite devices ...

KIRAN CHETRY: But they're not illegal immigrants in Mexico. They're giving their own citizens, because how embarrassing I thought for the government of Mexico. They can't ...

HOPKINS: Contain them.

CHETRY: ... well, make a viable place where people can live and raise their families. They can't provide any type of I guess ....


CHETRY: ... good soil, if you want to put it that way, so that people can place their roots, so instead they're gonna give them satellite devices so they can break the law.


CHETRY: It's very strange but in 2007 this is gonna be another huge issue. It was huge in 2006., It gonna be huge again. We'll see if our government is ready to do anything about it. They talked about the 700 - they approved 700 miles of border fence.


CHETRY: That still needs to get some funding. And if this isn't a wake-up call about the fact that they're gonna keep trying to come over here illegally, I don't what is.

WRIGHT: Kiran, you're so right. Both of you, this is not only a wake-up call, it is attesting to the fact that - hey, we know it happens every day and we're the Mexican government. We're just gonna allow them to come in. By the way, we're gonna help save their lives and also given 'em some - uh - some ...

HOPKINS: Help them get illegally into your country safely, I mean, it's unbelievable!


Wright, Chetry and Hopkins - the xenophobic trio - needn't have worried. If they'd taken just a second to do the basic math they would have realized that only .0002% of one month's alleged illegal immigrant migration (75,000) would have access to those 200 SATNAVs. Which means that the hosts - and their masters at FOX News - can take comfort in the fact that the remaining .9998% of the illegal immigrants will still have to face dangerous, "treacherous" conditions in their desperate odyssey to find work.

Will that knowledge warm the cockles of their so-called Christian hearts?

And just how many border fences would Jesus build?