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Bill O'Reilly On Good And Evil Symbolism

Reported by Deborah - January 2, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly claimed tonight, 1/02/07, that Gerald Ford was a symbol of good and Saddam Hussein a symbol of evil concluding, " No accident that Ford and Hussein died within days of each other." John Meacham, Newsweek Editor, appeared with Ben Stein to ponder the blurred lines between good and evil in this country.

O'Reilly complained to Meacham that, " The world doesn't get it." However, Meacham replied that many people do get it mentioning the two Hymns sung at Gerald Ford's funeral went back to FDR and were about Hitler vs Liberty. Then Bill got to his real point complaining that people here think Bush equals evil commenting on the hate filled demonstrations in New York this weekend.Again Meachum disagreed about the Bush/Evil equation.

Ben Stein knew what O'Reilly was looking for, unlike Meacham who wouldn't play spin with BOR. Stein started off really bashing Jimmy Carter making him sound like evil incarnate suggesting that his defeat of Ford had something to do with those " blurred lines" Then Stein made Ford a martyr who suffered at the hands of the liberal media. " He was crucified when he was alive. The liberal media was all over him."

comment: O'Reilly never made it clear what point he was making with his impressive epiphany about the closely timed deaths of Gerald Ford and Saddam Hussein. At least it added a spiritual and philosophical dimension to O'Reilly's persona which lasted all the way to next segment.