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Hate Mail Never Takes A Holiday

Reported by Ellen - December 31, 2006 -

This may be the season of joy and brotherhood but there seems to be a sizeable number out there who haven't gotten into the holiday spirit. Must be the war on Christmas!

Nevertheless, we wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. And while you're sipping on your champagne, here are a few selections from our mailbag.

(no subject)

You are all a bunch of communist crack-pipes.


Subject: You are the weirdest pack of Lefties....................
Saw your "Grisly Goul-Fest...." article. God help us if any of you come to power. You will get us all killed.


Subject: just an idea;
the whole program hour bores me as well;
but come on,
just how hard up are you as well
loosing your water,
needing to dog fox / susteren;
what is there in the nation;
across the country / news stations on air;
and other wise
to beat in to the ground.
come on;
fact is the news is as always
the same song & dance & if your lucky we get a new name & face every now & then:
what do you think brought me here;
I heard it all, read it all.
So what's new:
Like wise to You,
after reading your post,
certainly haven't shown your self to be all that stellar
in your conduct & how You view others with there shot comings as if You walk right;
hardly so.
I would at lest had figured if the song & dance is driving you nuts, then move on get a life;
why complain, the world wasn't /
isn't here because of you, more apt to be because of you there are those in the Middle East
who rather believe it's people like you that gives them
the empowering idea to attack us.
ever figure on that sister;
Vet / Vietnam 67 / 69.
come on kid; cheap shots are for back biting cowards who nothing better to do then take cheap shots;
I am sure your way better then this,
You make this all to way easy;
food for thought love;
You do know why most wont go toe to toe with us right;
well love the same can nearly be said the same of you as to why you don't with her.
I don't figure I have all that much time left in me given what I know of my self, / contracted over the years sense
& while in Vietnam, take it from me;
life is way to short to pissing in the wind just to spite your face. tad amounts to be standing on the bow of a
ship giving it
your best shot, so just how can you blow in ahead wind say at 35 knots;
or rather slinging carp as if the world is going to bow to you or me.
hardly so, were a dime a dozen love, figure it out;
keep smiling;
the new year is yet to be here and I don't see any signs here of you intending to be good little girl this coming
new year;
same song & dance and same face;
Your missing the mark;
there is power in printed ink, but it's only to those
who do it right or at lest have a wanted desire to
get it right & doing so while at it;
there is no such thing as being completely right;
but there is such a thing as being completely wrong;
Me never completely right and can always be found to be wrong at any given time.
You should try it;
it's enlightening at times, even freeing when at times you need a way out:
still love me;
try not to think me all that hard.
just in the last year here's a few examples of life is way to short or it just can out right suck for any one at any given time;
died 13 year old girl Thanksgiving week-end; sister in-
law / neighbor; on the other side family man dead heart attacked while asleep in bed; what's with that, he was 40 some thing under 45;
friend of mine MS 37; she now is on shots every day to help stay off the effects; we know the out come here don't we;
I would be willing to beat greta news would sound pretty good to her if some one said it will cure you; well we know better then that.
moving on,
6 year old little girl dead two blocks from here, there car
was broad sided this summer killing her, it was the dad fault for not paying attention;
so what kind of cheap shots is going to fix that;
19 year old down the street from us all but paralyzed after her auto went over a hundred plus foot cliff do to some
other driver running her off the road;
One of my best buddy's died this year two months back
we were bunker buddy's here, we both were in Korea;
not together; he was Marine, my self, ARMY & Vietnam I did.
Now one of my other Marine friends who I have known for years is dieing from brain cancer; an other casual friend
her mother died last year and her brother died a year before the mom;
want more reasons why not to; brother in-law, triple by pass surgery, still not right sense last summer,
two days before Christmas, my wife; her cousin had open heart surgery; went bad had to redo it;
my mom died when I was a kid my brother died at 27 and my father;
I never knew what ever happened to him.
abandon me, literally; go figure I have still have a heart of some sort of compassion towards others,
so tell me; what will others say of you when that day should
come our way;
she wrote wonderful things of others, she had a heart
of humility and so on.
the printed word makes or brakes some of us, so how will it be for you;
It really doesn't matter a hill of beans what greta writes as long as she believes she is helping were she can. does it get ratings so what; she can't take it to the grave with her; so it hardly means any thing to her other then she has hope as long as she has this job,
> That may be some day she really will do good for some one,
and You, what:
I beat the crap of people who have a one track mined,
I spent an early morning with the youngest to day thinking I would be spending some time with my friends wife,
talk with her, hear her heart, see how she is doing,
Wally would want that;
turns out it was the son who had need who was there not the wife;
I shared Wally's dream of how he hoped to walk through heaven;
it was his hope to hear stories that have yet have been told and how he dreamed of other things, see sister for the last year Wally & I had practice good by, we both knew he was running out of time, his last words to me was Jim,
yeah, I love you buddy; I turned thinking I don't want to believe this is the last time I will see him as I was about to walk out of the hospital room; I said right back at you buddy
it wasn't;
I made my way in to intensive care; dressed in my cammy;
I made my way to his bed with all that stuff that keeps
people alive, he was knocked out;
after having heart surgery, I made sure the dead knew I was there;
see they told the family he was going to die; they called me, there was nothing they could do now but wait; it didn't take long;
he knew I made it there; the head nurse stopped me,
we did a little dance about why I should be here in next to him;
she was telling me why I couldn't.
I respected her wishes;
but not until I was convinced we both understood why I was there and I knew he knew, so you see love; fox hole buddy's never desert and if they know your in need they come no matter what; as I had during my daughters wedding was about to take place;
I be getting me a new bunch of friends love life is to short;
I wouldn't tell you this if I thought I was missing the
mark, see I know I'm not completely right here about all things;
but I do know the mark is were I am shooting for, not to knock down, but to build up; there is a difference.
the new year is around the corner;
make an effort; odd thing about women; they all have one thing in common; they just do things like this,
they love to help or they love to knock down; I think about what ever it is that fits in the middle that would make a better person of you;


Subject: Pathetic
"We watch Fox so you don't have to." Interesting. I suppose you people think you are the moral authority? Fox is simply the anti-CNN. CNN is the most biased news channel. Their blatant anti-american agenda is scary. Thank God for Fox News. You want to police the police...go ahead but for Christ's sake if you truly hate America so much...leave. America is not evil. Those of YOU that want it to be have been trying for years and years. It is not going to happen. Don't hate Fox News because they are reporting what is true. Have you been to Iraq? I have. The shit that CNN reports does not happen in any modicum of frequency they suggest. I personally have witnessed staged demonstrations with the bit directors coaching crowds where to stand and what to say. CNN is absoutley full of it and so are you. Again, you don't like America...you don't want to deal with its LAWFULLY elected leaders...you (the HUGE MINORITY) can leave. You will not find any place better. May you rot...you border on treason.


Subject: unbelievable
I cant believe that you guys think you know wht your talking about. You guys are whats wrong with america by spreading half truths and out and out lies.

Despite the hate, I think this is what's RIGHT about America.

Happy New Year, everybody!