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Grisly Ghoul-Fest As So-Called Christian Hosts Drool Over Saddam's Imminent Demise

Reported by Marie Therese - December 29, 2006 -

Yes, indeedy, folks. FOX News can hardly contain its excitment at the prospect of airing the video of Saddam Hussein's execution. One can almost see the saliva dripping from the mouths of the various hosts. FOX started off its ghoulish death watch on yesterday's edition of FOX & Friends with this speculation by Brian Kilmeade: "How about this for a segue? Do you want to see him with a noose around his neck and his neck snapped live on television on Pay-Per-View? What and how will Saddam Hussein's hanging take place? According to insiders, they want to get it done, they want to keep it low profile and they want to do it quick. It's got to happen within 30 days but the Baathists that love him are poised to act."

Since then, the FOX News hosts and pundits have been beating the drums of death.

This morning the FOX & Friends First trio, eyes gleaming, breathlessly speculated about Saddam's last days.


BRIAN KILMEADE: And, who knows? Maybe Saddam Hussein is dead by now?


KELLY WRIGHT, FOX News White House correspondent, Christian minister and gospel singer: Well, that's a - you know, we're getting a lot of conflicting reports right now, but we do know that something is going to happen, perhaps over this weekend, that Saddam Hussein could be publicly hanged by week end, which would spell the end of his reign of terror. So many people were basically stating in Iraq that they would like to see this happen. It would be a public hanging taking place. Iraqi state television would basically videotape it and perhaps release some excerpts for all of us but we're still waiting to see what will take place.

KIRAN CHERY: Wow. See, I thought they were going to take one photo ...

WRIGHT: Right.

CHETRY: .. and release it that way.

BRIAN KILMEADE: Well, if you believe Muwafaq al-Rubaie - he's one of the advisors ...

CHETRY: Name dropper.

KILMEADE: Yeah, It's true.

WRIGHT: National Security Advisor.

KILMEADE: Every time I say that, the person on the button looks to bleep me. But when Muwafaq al-Rubaie talks, I listen and it seems that they are going to tape every single thing ...


KILMEADE: ... from the last meal to the gallow walk to the actual execution itself and I assume the taking of the body.

FOX correspondent Clarissa Ward then reported from Baghdad that al-Maliki had said that nothing would stop the execution and she confirmed that Saddam is still in American custody at Camp Cropper, Iraq, but noted that Saddam's chief attorney had been instructed to pick up Hussein's personal belongings. Ward implied that this means that an execution is imminent.

CLARISSA WARD: But the government may be more keen to keep the thing under wraps and to keep it more quiet because political and sectarian tensions here have been very high and a public execution might make those tensions even worse. Guys.

KIRAN CHETRY: Alright. Clarissa, thanks so much. We're gonna check in with you a little bit later. Yeah, there is a lot of information coming out from various sources both in Iraq and also here in the U. S. about the fate of Saddam Hussein. But we do know one thing. For security reasons they want to get him executed as soon as possible. Also they have a big holiday - the Eid [ul-Adha] is coming up - and I don't think that they want that to drag past that as well because it's a very holy time.

WRIGHT: And they still have the Haj coming up soon which means ...

CHETRY: Right.

WRIGHT: ... everyone will be going to Mecca. They want to get this done as soon as possible. Nouri al-Maliki, the President - the Prime Minister - of Iraq basically saying he wants to put Saddam to death for security reasons, just as you mentioned Kiran, but that does - but that dates and times keep jumping around. We are waiting apparently a logistical situation to take place where the United States military has to turn Saddam Hussein over to the Iraqi government.

KILMEADE: And that's controversial because Saddam's lawyers are saying "You can't do that. It's against the Geneva Conventions."

CHETRY: International law. Yeah.

KILMEADE: You cannot turn over a deposed ruler over to the enemy and the U. S. is evidently saying "Duh. Don't worry about that. We're gonna do it anyway." But they're trying to get world-wide support and condemnation before the transfer has happened. Now, it could've already happened. We're gonna get this in the aftermath. That's the announcement. But we do know this. Here's how it's gonna look and this incredible. It's almost like a movie! (Kilmeade became increasingly more animated as he spoke) They say they're gonna go up to him, give him his last meal. He's gonna be dressed in a green or orange jumpsuit. He's gonna be handcuffed. His feet are gonna be chained so he can shuffle and he's gonna be hooded. The person walking him will also be hooded but that person will have eye holes. Why? Because that person has to pull the lever that's gonna pull the floor out that's gonna have him drop to his death!

CHETRY (matter-of-factly): Right. The other interesting thing about that is that there have been Iraqis lining up like crazy - both expatriates and those within country - who want to be the person to hang Saddam Hussein. Apparently, there's gonna be one person that puts the noose over his neck - there's a bunch of people who want to do that - and the other person who actually pulls the lever to drop the floor out from under him. ...

WRIGHT: ... The other thing about - the reaction in terms of what's gonna take place, you recall that on November 5th is when he was sentenced. The verdict came down. Reaction at that time was basically: It's a victory for the victims of Saddam. That was according to the Iraqi Foreign Minister. Others had said the death sentence for Saddam was a matter of happiness. He was a war criminal and a vampire. And then there was another one that basically said that it was a farce. There were other people saying that this is a farcical government and actually carrying out a farcicial sentencing.

KILMEADE: You mean the election was farcical? Sorry - uh ...

CHETRY: Record number of Iraqis ...

WRIGHT: Record number of Iraqis and different people stating them.

KILMEADE: Yeah, They didn't have the election [indecipherable] a touch screen in the middle of Haditha. But his two half brothers visited him yesterday. They're also - these two brothers - are also under lock and key there at which time he said Saddam Hussein's demeanor was upbeat. He says he's excited because he's gonna be put to get (sic) at the hands of the enemy which means, in his mind, he's gonna be marytred. Little does he know he gonna be put to get (sic) at the hands of Iraqis.

CHETRY: Well, he's still considers them his enemies as we saw from the trial where he kept getting up and shouting and sreaming at the judge. But the other interesting thing is that he's also apparently said he's happy because he didn't want to spend the rest of his life wasting away in a cell, that he wanted to go out - you know - and die.


Dear God, how low will FOX News sink? The bloodlust of these self-described "good Christians" made me sick to my stomach.

It seems that - as the year 2006 dies and a new year begins - FOX News has decided to subject us to carefully orchestrated tableaux of death in which the passing of blues legend James Brown and former President Gerald Ford will be contrasted to the ignominious demise of Saddam Hussein.

Never mind that are serious legal issues about the trial of Hussein. Never mind that the United Nations has not signed off on it. Never mind that most of our former allies - including Britain - do not favor the death penalty. Never mind that the President and both Vice-Presidents of Iraq oppose the death penalty.

They will all sign the death warrant.

Saddam will die because George Bush decided years ago that Hussein was going to pay for trying to kill his daddy and no rule of law or threat of violence on the part of Saddam's supporters will stand in the way of Dubya's obsessive need for revenge.

Although FOX News hosts and guests have periodically engaged in sham discussions of the possibility that Hussein's life might be spared so that he might stand trial for the gassing of the Kurds in 1988, there is virtually no chance of that. That's because the chemical weapons Saddam used to kill the Kurds in 1988 were rained down on the Kurdish people by Iraqi soldiers flying in American helicopters, sold to Saddam by none other than the Reagan administration. It would be a great embarassment to the United States if Saddam's attorneys were to subpoena former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to testify about American support of Iraq at a time when they were in clear violation of international law.

Lest you think that there would be no market for the soon-to-be-released Saddam snuff film, here are a few of the comments posted on Lucianne.com, a right wing blog promoted by FOX News Channel.

These were written by the same kind of individuals who routinely excoriate Muslims for their fascination with grisly beheading videos.

Guess it takes one ghoulish sadist to know another ghoulish sadist ...

Reply 4 - Posted by: rocket-j-squirrel, 12/28/2006 6:46:54 PM
Hmmm, bowl game, Saddam hanging, bowl game, Saddam hanging...I'm truly perplexed. Must go out and buy TiVo.

Reply 6 - Posted by: droopydog, 12/28/2006 6:54:50 PM
Hey #4, what do you think halftime is for?!

Reply 12 - Posted by: putupjob, 12/28/2006 7:11:40 PM
It will be good to wrap this up in 2006. After he is dead, they can argue if it was legal all they want to.

Reply 17 - Posted by: go! gw!, 12/28/2006 7:40:29 PM
You are right on "rocketjsquirrel" We do football all weekend, now we have to figure out a way to see Saddam receive his just desserts. Thank Heaven for TiVo! Buh bye Saddie.

Reply 23 - Posted by: olderyzer, 12/28/2006 7:59:13 PM
If it happens during a football game...I wonder if they will show the "hang-time" clock?

Reply 24 - Posted by: chesapeakebayboy, 12/28/2006 8:11:19 PM
#8, could only wish they'd hang carter with him.

Reply 26 - Posted by: prodigalgump, 12/28/2006 8:44:57 PM
Can we do it at haltime of the Patriots-Titans game?

Reply 27 - Posted by: LittleHoodedMonk, 12/28/2006 8:45:38 PM
I've heard at the Nuremberg Trials, those doing the hanging ''knew'' that there were two ways to hang someone. You could let him drop and snap his neck like a chicken, or you could prolong the hanging and suffocate him. Some of the former Nazis took twenty or so minutes to meet their Maker.

God, keep our troops (coalition) and ''good'' Iraqis safe in the days ahead.

Reply 35 - Posted by: Garage Logician, 12/28/2006 9:38:23 PM
I'd pay $100 to watch it on pay per view.

The Roman mobs, reincarnated ....