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FOX News’ Megyn Kendall Plays Psychic Psychoanalyst In Duke Rape Case

Reported by Ellen - December 29, 2006 -

Reporter Megyn Kendall once again jumped at the chance to provide commentary beyond her expertise last night (12/28/06) on Hannity & Colmes. Kendall’s background is in corporate law, not psychology. But that did not stop her from offering “expert” opinions into the personality of Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong during a discussion of the Duke rape case. Unless she kept it a secret, she had not even had an interview with him.

This is not the first time Kendall has offered an opinion for which she was unqualified. Regular readers may recall that Kendall opined last spring that the Duke rape accuser was suffering from PMS, not rape symptoms.

Last night, Kendall was on Hannity & Colmes to discuss the North Carolina Bar’s ethics investigation into Nifong’s conduct surrounding the Duke rape case. “He’s already dug his heels in so much,” Kendall said. “I think he’s probably thinking ‘the best vindication for me would be a conviction in this case.’”

What gave Kendall that insight into Nifong’s thinking? She never indicated having interviewed him or anyone who knows his thinking processes.

But Kendall didn’t stop there. Later in the segment, she continued with her amateur speculation. “The thing is, this is a stubborn man… My own personal belief is that as the national pressure builds on him, his back gets up even more. He’s even more determined to obtain a conviction in this case.”

Nifong may deserve all the outrage coming his way. But is it the place of a legal reporter to offer an assessment of the state of mind of a man she has not interviewed? Only on FOX News.