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FOX News Brings Out The Crooks To Cheer On Saddam Execution

Reported by Ellen - December 29, 2006 -

FOX News has trotted out convicted liar Oliver North (his conviction was overturned on a technicality) and Mafia buddy and disgraced former NYC top cop Bernard Kerik (identified only as a former envoy to Iraq) talking about how the death of Saddam is a way for Iraq to "move forward." It's not just these ethically-challenged individuals throwing stones.

Major General Paul Vallely, whom former CIA agent Larry Johnson described as a braggart, claimed Saddam should have been executed without a trial. "He would have been an enemy combatant in my eyes and eliminated on the battlefield." Vallely claimed "I think the Arab world is going to be very happy or should be happy."

Sean Hannity blew hard his Hanctimony as he blamed the left for "politicizing" this war and paraded himself as an expert on troop sentiment. Bullyboy Hannity barely let attorney Peggy Quo get a word in as she tried to argue that Saddam did not get a proper trial.

We're also seeing "celebratory" footage of "Iraqi-AMericans in Dearborn, MI Celebrating Saddam Execution."

Alan Colmes is doing a good job of raising questions about the wisdom of executing Saddam and its effect on the insurgency.

But nobody has mentioned that a new AP Poll reports that Americans think George W. Bush has outdistanced Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden as the villain of 2006.