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Bill O'Reilly Makes Saddam's Hanging An Opportunity For Divisive Comments

Reported by Deborah - December 29, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly returned early from his vacation to participate in FOX's special coverage of Saddam's hanging which took place around 10PM ET tonight. Although this was a major event for all Americans, he insisted on dividing everyone into his right/left or right/wrong O'Reilly categories with his inappropriate and uneccessary assumptions and accusations.12/29/06

His first guest was Steve Emerson who claimed Saddam's hanging would deflate the violent Iraqi's but could turn Saddam into a martyr. He predicted there would be a many who would blame the "evil hand of a zionist conspiracy". O'Reilly responded with an unwarranted jab at Hollywood.

" We the good guys... Are you listening Hollywood? We the good guy have to have a win."

Then he moved on to the New York Times critcizing an editorial questioning a death sentence for Saddam. Using a whiny, sing song voice he said, " Why did they have to kill him? Mealy mouthed crap! "

Next guest was Col. David Hunt who was pulled of the ski slopes for a two minute spot. Hunt said it would be a great morale boost for the troops.

P.J. Crowley came on as a dissenting guest but this was obviously hype. Crowley's so called dissent was the opinion that Bin Laden would cheer the execution because he never liked Saddam. He also claimed that the hanging wouldn't change anti-american sentiment. O'Reilly didn't want to accept the reality of anti-american feelings abroad saying it's " fabricated by the left wing media. Any sane person picks US and Britain."

You can sure that O'Reilly has his producers ready to collect reactions to the hanging and anyone making the slightest criticism will be singled out for a public flogging this week.