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Another faux celebrity distraction - Danny Bonaduce badmouths John Conner

Reported by Chrish - December 28, 2006 -

The Donald/Rosie feud is wearing thin and Bush is apparently leaning towards not just not drawing down troops, but increasing our presence in Iraq contrary to the will of the American people, so it's time to fan the flames of another controversey, this one between former child actor Danny Bonaduce and John Conner, author of The Resistance Manifesto. Bonaduce appeared on both John Gibson's radio show and the O'Reilly Factor (guest hosted by John Kasich) tonight 12/28/06. (Video added 12/29/06)

Apparently Conner, a former Republican and conservative, believes that the Bush administration at best knew about the impending attacks of 9/11 and did nothing, or at worst had something to do with the planning. He has researched and documented his theories extensively. He approached Bonaduce, a recognizable celebrity of sorts, at a sidewalk cafe and asked his opinion. When Bonaduce learned Conner's viewpoint he let loose a stream of profanity and insults that belied the large crucifix that hung around his neck for his Factor interview.

Since the segment aired on YouTube, Bonaduce says has been receiving threatening and disturbing emails at his MySpace account, something Conner apologized for and said he would urge people to stop. The Factor appearance and the radio interview with Gibson were more about the alleged fallout from the interview than the substance, as usual - kill the messenger. The focus is diverted from the content of Conner's message to the FOX vision of crazed, violent Bush-haters on the left.

On The Factor the segment was framed as Bonaduce's righteous indignation (four f-bombs worth) at the suggestion that the Bush administration could have been complicit and is anything but pure - in Bonaduce's view, Bush is POTUS and Conner shouldn't be calling him out.

On the Gibson radio segment, Gibson first congratulated Bonaduce for telling Conner ("that little 'bleep'") "where to shove it", and then gave him a platform to allege that he is receiving threats and that he has been contacted by the FBI. But according to Conner appearing on Alex Jones' radio show, the links Bonaduce and his family received were not "death threats", they were photographs of "collateral damage" and grisly results of the war in Iraq, which was based (by the Bush administration) on the events of 9/11. This hyperbole by Bonaduce serves to paint people who agree with Conner as dangerous and unstable.

But a lot of people, over 30% of the population, agree that the official story of 9/11 does not hold water and believe that the Bush administration was at least to some degree complicit in the bombings. FOX, as BushCo gatekeepers, will continue to dismiss and disparage people who do not swallow the Bush storyline whole, no matter how implausible.