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Questions of the Day on Fox - Why Wait To Hang Him? & 'Will Attacks Increase As The World Awaits Hussein's Hanging?

Reported by Donna - December 27, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Gregg Jarrett substituting for Bill Hemmer they had a segment with a video of Saddam Hussein with the words *Hang Time* underneath it. Jarrett then went on to explain that it could come as soon as tomorrow, that it has to happen within 29 days when Hussein will "walk to the gallows where an executioner will slip a noose around his neck and execute the courts sentence."

The question of the day on Fox On Line was 'Why Wait To Hang Him?' and the guest was former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Robert Jordan.

Jarrett asked if sooner would be better than later and Jordan said it probably would except there is a holiday this weekend so they might not like to have it then.

The other question that was asked on the banner was, 'Will Attacks Increase As The World Awaits Hussein's Hanging?'

Jordan talked about an unmarked grave for Hussein. He said that the Bath Party is threatening to take reprisals against Americans throughout the world when he is executed. Jarrett said, "Well, they've threatened to kill us for years anyways, so that's nothing new."

Comment: Just a gearing up episode on Fox in eager anticipation for the execution for Saddam Hussein. Wonder if they'll get a live shot?