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O'Reilly Ignoring Two Court Rulings Continues Attacking Kansas Doctor

Reported by Deborah - December 27, 2006 -

Although Bill O'Reilly has been off this week, he's continued the attack on George Tiller, a physician who performs legal abortions at a clinic in Kansas. Last week, 12/22, Judge Paul Clark threw out charges against Tiller and the same thing happened today in court. Tonight, 12/27, John Kasich continued O'Reilly's crusade with the help of Kris Kobach, former advisor to John Ashcroft.

After Kasich reported the court ruling, he stated that the fight against George Tiller was an important battle in the "culture war." Kasich seemed anxious to keep the discussion on the legal aspects avoiding the abortion issue but he did say in passing that some of the abortions performed by Tiller may have been illegal although he did not elaborate on this allegation.

Kris Kobach, former legal advisor to John Ashcroft, was hardly an objective legal analyst for this issue. Kobach claimed that any Judge would have found probable cause sufficient to proceed with the case. He stated that the District Attorney is not the " king of the courts" and is "in the pocket of the abortion industry."

Kasich and Kobach were hopeful that Attorney General, Phil Kline's plan to appoint a special prosecutor to the case in two weeks would bring results. Kasich ended the segment saying , "Bill O'Reilly won't let this go".

Last night, Michelle Malkin aired a re-run of a woman who claimed she had a late term abortion at George Tiller's Clinic when she was 14. The woman,who gave her first name only but did not disguise her face, gave a graphic description of the procedure. Her video can be seen on the Operation Rescue website where she has become a pro life symbol.

She claimed that she was never told what was going to happen to her before the procedure but did say that she attended a group counseling session when she signed in. Obviously something was said at this session but she and O'Reilly never mentioned it. She claimed that Tiller never said anything to her during the procedure except " this will all be over soon." The term " my baby" was used for shock value saying, " I left my dead baby in the toilet".

Claiming she has suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome from the experience, she blamed Tiller for years of promiscuity and drug use and expressed regret that she didn't keep her baby. O'Reilly was kind, telling her not to be hard on herself.

Operation Rescue
is planning a massive protest weekend outside of George Tiller's clinic. Tiller has experienced some violence previously from pro life demonstrators when his clinic was bombed and he was shot in both arms. This demonstration on January 19th is called " A Cry For Justice" and this quote from Bill O'Reilly tops their webpage.

You know, I’ve been covering the news in America for 30 years and this Kansas situation is the worst thing I’ve ever seen…Americans cannot turn away from this; cannot ignore it. There should be thousands of people demonstrating outside Tiller’s abortion clinic in Wichita.” -Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly