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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of December 18

Reported by Janie - December 26, 2006 -

The indicted Tom Delay took home last week's "Outrageous Quote" with 29% of the vote after attempting to blame the Iraq war failures of liberals.

"It's the fault of the liberals and the media and the Democrats - that from the very beginning have tried to undermine the will of the American people to fight this... The media calls the shots."

For this week's selection, take a look below the fold!

Option A:
Mike Gallagher: “Round up Joy Behar, round up Matt Damon, who last night on MSNBC attacked George Bush and Dick Cheney. Round up Olbermann, take the whole bunch of them and put them in a detention camp until this war is over because they're a bunch of traitors. “

Rob Thompson: “They're not traitors, they're Americans. You know what the great thing about America is? You get to say what you like and you don't get thrown into detention camps...”

Mike Gallagher: ”No, you don't...” - "Fox OnLine", 12/19/06

Option B: "... and as far as I'm concerned, as long as I could buy my wife an extra Christmas gift, it's worth it if it's a little bit warmer." - Mike Ozanian, Senior Editor, Forbes Magazine, speaking about how global warming is good for the economy, "Forbes on FOX", 12/23/06

Option C: Castro "almost nuked the United States. He had his finger on a button when there were Russian nukes in Cuba. He might have killed John K. Kennedy." - David Asman making up history as he goes along, "Live Desk", 12/20/06

Option D: “Now, Obama has no doubt felt disenfranchised as a black man at times during his life. But he ain’t seen disenfranchisement until he’s vice president. It doesn’t get any further out of the loop than attending funerals for former agriculture ministers in Vladivostock in late November.” - former comedian Dennis Miller comparing discrimination to the Vice Presidency, "Hannity & Colmes", 12/22/06

Option E: "...all the founders were men of religious faith whose beliefs rested on the notion that the public mainly depended on the flourishing of religion." - University of Tennessee historian Wilfred McClay from the Fox special "One Nation Under God", 12/24/06