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Fox Insists Calling Democrats, Dems & Guest Says New Immigration BIll Is The Nightmare Of The Mid Term Elections

Reported by Donna - December 26, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line, Greg Jarrett substituted for Bill Hemmer and was joined by right wing radio host Mike Gallaher and left wing radio host Rob Thompson for a look at the new bill being submitted regarding illegal immigration.

Of course, since it was submitted by the Democrats, Gallagher called it "the nightmare of the mid term elections." He said it still looks like amnesty.

Jarrett spoke with Thompson and Jarrett said that the Republican's former bill of trying to get 7 million illegals to leave the country didn't make any sense, that there was no way to do this. Thompson agreed with him about the Republican bill.

Jarrett let Gallagher finish up by saying that a fence over 700 miles was "a good idea" and we shouldn't be making things easier for illegal immigrants.

All of this was under the banner, 'House Dems Consider Less Restrictive Bill On Illegals.'

Comments: Fox insists on calling the Democrats, Dems, while the Republican party is always Republicans or GOP. This is a derogatory term for Democrats. And Gallagher calling this the 'nightmare of the mid term elections' is going a little too far in his description. I'm sure the Democrats will come up with more nightmares for Gallagher.