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FOX News' Megyn Kendall, A Fierce Advocate For Privileged Duke Lacrosse Players, Turns Her Back On Poor, Minority Defendants.

Reported by Ellen - December 24, 2006 -

FOX News reporter Megyn Kendall proved on Friday night’s Hannity & Colmes (12/22/06), that her never-ending outrage against Durham DA Mike Nifong and the Duke rape accuser is on behalf of the rich, white Duke rape defendants only. When asked about prosecutorial misconduct against other, less fortunate defendants, she sloughed off any concern. With video.

As Melanie noted in her earlier post about the dismissal of rape charges against the Duke defendants, FOX News accused others of bringing race and class issues into the case. Substitute host Rich Lowry repeated this theme on Hannity & Colmes. But when given the opportunity to broaden the scope of the issues to those less advantaged, Kendall quickly changed the subject.

During the three Hannity & Colmes segments on the dropped charges, Kendall once again seemed as though she might start jumping up and down with excitement and opprobrium every time she spat out an accusation against Nifong or the accuser. As has become her custom, “fair and balanced” Kendall seemed to look for opportunities to knock them. She also neglected to report that there is some evidence left to be evaluated. That information was imparted by a guest, forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden.

Would that Kendall and the rest of the FOX News team were as interested in analyzing the false accusations made against Iraq during the run-up to the war. But on "real journalism" FOX News, wrongful charges against a few Duke students is more significant than wrongful deaths of thousands of American soldiers and Iraqi citizens.

Kendall’s inadvertent revelation about her own bias came at approximately 20 minutes into the show when Alan Colmes asked forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden if the Duke rape case didn’t raise issues of prosecutorial misconduct.

Baden thought it did, especially with regard to those who have been exonerated by the Innocence Project. “(The Duke rape case) allows us to talk about the general issue of prosecutorial withholding of evidence and misconduct, especially when it comes to the almost 200 people that have gotten out of jail who are innocent. Most of those cases, the prosecutors didn’t do their job correctly.” Baden referenced a case from that day’s New York Times where a defendant had been exonerated through DNA yet “the prosecutor still won’t let him out.” Baden said, “That’s an important thing and it should be applicable to poor, minority kids as the perception is to rich, white kids.”

Colmes turned to Kendall and asked if Dr. Baden had a point. Evidently, Kendall did not think so. There was a long pause as she considered her answer. Then, after fumbling a bit, she went after Nifong, and only Nifong, again. “Well, I mean, yeah. Nifong, there’s no question he’s made missteps. The question is, can anything be done about it?”

Apparently, all other falsely-accused defendants just don't count.