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Dennis Miller’s Insensitive Message For Obama: Being Vice President Worse Than Racial Disenfranchisement

Reported by Ellen - December 24, 2006 -

Every time I think Dennis Miller can't be any more mean-spirited or any less funny, he outdoes himself. Friday night (12/22/06) on Hannity & Colmes, Miller “poked fun” at Barack “Osama Obama” by making racial jokes. I wonder who was laughing. With video.

As has become the norm on FOX News, any discussion of Obama is really a pretext to bash Hillary Clinton, too. Miller took it one step further by also making snide accusations against Bill Clinton. Miller started with a racist innuendo. “Obama’s striving to become America’s 2nd black president after, of course, Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill.” The screen showed Clinton with his arms around three black kids. That was followed by a few “comic” barbs about Hillary being on the scent of the presidency like a cheetah smelling steak tartare and Slim Jim shavings.

“Is Obama sharp enough to realize who’s gonna eventually do him in?” Miller asked. “One hopes that he doesn’t have the ‘Et tu, Bubba’ look on his face when (the Clintons) do it.”

According to Miller, Obama has only way to save himself from the Clintons, by accepting the vice presidency “and the sooner, the better.”

But Miller obviously doesn’t want Obama to save himself. Miller urged Obama not to accept the job. Miller did it with an insulting pretense at being a “soul” mate. “Now, Obama has no doubt felt disenfranchised as a black man at times during his life. But he ain’t seen disenfranchisement until he’s vice president. It doesn’t get any further out of the loop than attending funerals for former agriculture ministers in Vladivostock in late November.” Calling a ceremonial job worse than racial discrimination? I doubt Obama - or anyone else - will buy that.

Miller argued that turning down the vice presidency would be a test of character for Obama. Hmm, do you think Miller's advice comes from the goodness of his heart (assuming he has any) or a fear that "Shrillery" might win with Obama on the ticket?

Perhaps thinking he was offering a carrot, Miller claimed he might vote for Obama. “First, I’d have to see if he’s willing to pre-emptively kill radical Islamic terrorists (he showed footage of a man in Arab gear, fondling a rifle) because that’s all I’m really looking for in a president these days. Everything else is gravy.”

Unless your name is Clinton.