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Michael Reagan The Latest FOX News Chickenhawk To Call For More Brutality In Iraq

Reported by Ellen - December 21, 2006 -

Less than two weeks after chickenhawk Dennis Miller complained on Hannity & Colmes that what’s wrong in Iraq is we’re not brutal enough to the insurgents, armchair warrior Michael Reagan, substituting for Sean Hannity, announced last night (12/20/06) that the US is too worried about “upsetting people” and should take “the gloves off of our military, let them go in and win the war the way they need to win the war.” Reagan didn’t explain what that meant or how it should be done but it’s likely he didn’t know, himself. He never served in the military. Those who have, like General John P. Abizaid and Colin Powell, advocate no such thing.

The purported subject of the discussion was the latest tape from Zawahiri calling for the US to negotiate with him about the insurgency in Iraq. But talk quickly turned to the Iraq Study Group’s recommendation of negotiating with Iran and Syria with an implication that the ISG report egged on Zawahiri.

As a nice change, the guest was reasonable, non-partisan and more interested in ideas than in throwing soundbite-sized flames at Democrats. Kenneth Ballen, of Terror Free Tomorrow, quickly told Alan Colmes that the tape was unrelated to the ISG report. Lee Hamilton, co-chair of the ISG, is on Terror Free Tomorrow’s advisory board. However, Ballen was steadfastly against the idea of negotiating with Iran and Syria.

Colmes pointed out that Al Qaeda has metastasized since 9/11. “Clearly, then, whatever we’re doing isn’t diminishing Al Qaeda. Why not try something else?” If military policies aren’t working, what else is there if not negotiation, Colmes asked.

Ballen’s alternatives were humanitarian efforts and “policies that diminish the popular support for global terror support around the world.” He insisted that humanitarian work in Indonesia is diminishing and marginalizing the extremists.

Colmes questioned whether humanitarian work is the role of our military in Iraq, who were sent there to fight.

Unfortunately, Colmes' time was up just then so Reagan jumped in. “Yes, the military needs to be able to do that,” he said magnanimously.

But it was soon apparent that looking tough and knocking the Baker-Hamilton report, not doing good works, was what he really cared about. “Don’t you think what Zawahiri’s doing is really just answering back to the Iraq Study Group? Because we’re looking, we’re looking weak at this point in time… Don’t you think the Iraq Study Group is really off base here?”

Ballen repeated his assertion that Zawahiri’s statement had no relation to the ISG report, that he was just trying to generate attention. (Comment: And maybe he really wants to negotiate, something the FOX News chickenhawks refuse to consider while they continue to demand that other people die for their cause.)

Now all thoughts of humanitarian efforts were gone from Reagan’s mind. “Do you think we’re paying too much attention to these people, that we ought to take the, basically, the gloves off of our military, let them go in and win the war the way they need to win the war? …We’re playing the political correct game. We’re so worried about upsetting people, that we’re not doing the job that we need to be doing.”

Ballen said “in large respects,” we ARE doing the job we need to be doing, that we have to focus on what’s empowering the terrorists. But then Ballen said that Zawahiri has such tribal support in Pakistan, where he lives, that “nobody’s willing to give him up,” despite a $25 million bounty.

Wait a minute! Isn’t Pakistan supposed to be our ally? Michael Reagan didn’t give it a second (or maybe even a first) thought. Instead, “Humanitarian” Reagan decided it was time to take the gloves off in his war on Democrats. “How much does it hurt us with Kerry and the Democrats going over to negotiate with the leaders of these countries?” Reagan conveniently omitted from the group Republican Arlen Specter, who is also planning to visit Syria.

Ballen said we have to distinguish between Syria, Iran and Al Qaeda. He added that Hamas and Hezbollah both came to power via humanitarian aid.