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John Gibson tickled that UPS encourages no left turns

Reported by Chrish - December 21, 2006 -

Obviously, it was another slow news day today 12/21/06 for The Big Story so they ran a collection of little wannabe-big stories instead. He reached into the wayback machine and did a story on UPS' use of software to map out routes avoiding left turns.

This method avoids wasting time and fuel waiting to make left turns across traffic and was reported in June of this year.

Gibson's guest approved of the economies and pointed out that over a year, with 80,000 trucks in service, it adds up to significant money. Gibson mostly enjoyed, and repeatedly pointed out, that anything that discourages people from going left is a good thing.

It was a non-story but it was a great example of how everything is partisan for Gibson and we clearly saw his right-wing bias.