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If Global Warming Makes it More Convenient for People to Shop, Bring it On

Reported by Melanie - December 21, 2006 -

The deceptively innocent-looking David Asman, who substituted for Neil Cavuto today (December 21, 2006), got caught lying about a guest's position but hey, he managed to get in two plugs about the "benefits" of global warming so, from the radical right's perspective, three cheers for him.

Roughly 20 minutes into the show, Asman signed off on a break with:

Well, it is the first day of winter today -- long night. A blizzard in Denver but warm temperatures across a lot of America. Temperatures here in the 50s, in New York. Local businesses are booming as a result. Now meet a guy who says if this is global warming it's good for the economy.

After the break, Asman introduced the guest with:

A blizzard in Colorado. More than 1,000 flights canceled. Denver at a virtual standstill; about two feet of snow. And then, there is the Northeast. Unseasonably warm temperatures a lot of us are glad about. Streets crowded with shoppers. Cafes still offering outdoor seating, if you can believe it. Well, my next guest says if what's happening in New York is global warming, he's all for it. It's great for the economy!

With that, the camera turned to Michael Parr, identified as the president of Parr, Miller and Washington. Parr appeared on screen with a you're-such-a-kidder look on his face while vigorously shaking his head. "Well now, hang on David," he said. "First of all, global warming is a very serious issue and it could have devastating effects." Mild winters are good for the economy because "fuel oil and heating costs don't go up as much, shoppers are out on the street, they're spending more money." Global warming, "is not a good thing, it's a tremendously bad thing...global warming is a very serious issue. We've got a problem."

Comment: Oops, but what does Fox care? A lie here, a lie there -- it's all in a day's work.