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Intelligence Gathering Tools For O'Reilly's Fantasy War

Reported by Deborah - December 21, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly, dedicated to exposing the dangerous S-P agenda, has found some unconventional intelligence gathering tools. Body language expert, Tanya Reiman, has been appearing weekly to uncover the truth revealed through expressions and gestures. During her most recent appearance, 12/19, O'Reilly wanted the dirt on Hillary Clinton and Dan Rather. Then last night, handwriting expert, Michelle Dresbold, gave a little demonstration of her skill obviously priming the audience for her return.

O'Reilly wanted Reiman to analyze Hillary Clintons movements while she was discussing Barack Obama's possible run. Reiman's analysis did not disappoint Bill.

"She sweeps her hand across the chair, an indication that she is brushing this off completely. She shakes her head constantly, up and down, side to side, and there is a lip tightening, which indicates she has doubt about what she's saying. She didn't want to talk about Barack Obama."

Then O'Reilly wanted her to check out Dan Rather while he was talking about FOX News and the White House connection. Reiman claimed Rather's eye blinking showed discomfort but he believed what he was saying adding that he was tired of talking about it. O'Reilly was slightly annoyed with this analysis grumbling about Rather. Then he asked who was more tired of their topic, Rather or Clinton? Reiman said it was Clinton.

Last night, Michelle Dresbold, author of Sex Lies and Handwriting, got a big buildup from BOR who expressed faith in her work adding that she was trained by the secret service. Dresbold talked about OJ Simpsons o's, Scott Peterson's out of context lettering and Patsy Ramsey and the ransom note. You can be sure Dresbold will return with handwriting samples of Bill's favorites.

Of course Tanya Reiman is a FOX regular and O'Reilly reminds her at the start of each appearance that she is now a star. Like every FOX star, Reiman has changed from brunette to blonde so she's on her way to greatness.