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When Does Fox Take A Stand for Global Warming? When Criticism Comes From Overseas

Reported by Janie - December 20, 2006 -

During last night's "Special Report", host Brit Hume used his "Two Minutes of Hate" (AKA "Grapevine") segment to lash out at Lord Christopher Monckton of Great Britain for "slamming" U.S. Senators that are attempting to get Exxon Mobile to "abandon its support for scientists who do not believe that humans are the primary cause of global warming." This opinion would typically receive praise from Hume, but since the criticism is coming from overseas, the xenophobe Hume stood up for the bipartisan Senators Monckton attacked.

Under the snarky (and fairly clever) headline, "The Empire Strikes Back", Hume took a stance that seemed unfamiliar from his norm.

"A former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is slamming Senators Olympia Snowe and Jay Rockefeller over their letter to Exxon Mobile that we told you about last month. The senators demanded that Exxon abandon its support for scientists who do not believe that humans are the primary cause of global warming. Now Lord Christopher Monckton — also known as the Viscount of Brenchley — says the letter is part of 'an internationally-coordinated series of maladroit and malevolent attempts to silence' the climate change skeptics. Monckton says the senators' comparisons of those scientists to the tobacco industry are 'unjustifiable and unworthy of any credible elected representatives.' He goes on to say, 'either withdraw that monstrous comparison forthwith, or resign so as not to pollute the office you hold.'"

Will wonders never cease! Hume is supporting a Republican AND a Democrat that are choosing the people over powerful, money-weilding corporations. And all it took was a little criticism from a foreign citizen.