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John Gibson's Faux outrage at Behar remark only works if he misquotes and spins. No problem.

Reported by Chrish - December 20, 2006 -

John Gibson's "My Word" segment yesterday continued to criticize Joy Behar of ABC's The View for her use of "Hitler" and "Rumsfeld" in the same sentence. Of course he had to distort her actual words to make his point, as what she actually said is not all that outrageous.

What she actually said: "You have to put like a Hitler type. Like you put Donald Rumsfeld there or something."

What Gibson said she said: "ultra-liberal hate-spewer Joy Behar might have taken liberties too far — so far she was out of bounds — when she called Donald Rumsfeld 'Hitler.'"

See the difference? FOX has been trying all week to demonize The View because nothing upsets that FOX personality type more than an uppity liberal woman (think Martha Stewart, Hillary Clinton, Barbra Streisand...).

Perhaps the grammar was over Gibson's head. It's an analogy (which is not the study of a**holes) and a comparison is not an equation. She may merely have been thinking of a world-famous person despised for his world-view and tactics.

But to Gibson, her remark exemplifies "the far-left" (which, from where he sits on the right, is anyone left of John McCain), and again he misquotes her to make his diversity-hating point:

"But I think the lesson from this episode is simple: This is how Behar and her friends and associates talk. It is how the far left talks. It is how the people talk who elected Democrats to Congress. And what we can take from that fact is that Bush and Cheney and Rummy are so despised that talk of impeachment is just openers. Behar's crowd wants the Bush team vilified top to bottom in our society and in history. Rummy equals Hitler."

The people who elected Democrats to Congress are in part Republicans who are tired of Congresspeople who won't stand up to a crazed and dangerous administration.