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Fox News Criticizing Interview Techniques of "The View"

Reported by Janie - December 20, 2006 -

With both Rosie O'Donnell and Joy Behar hosting "The View", Fox News has a new target, as has been reported here on News Hounds. On Foxnews.com today is an article, which was contributed to by Fox News' Greg Simmons, criticizing "The View's" interview techniques during Senator Hillary Clinton's recent appearance, and bashing the show and it's hosts in general. (H/T to Dr. Matt)

The article, which began by discussing Hillary Clinton's appearance on "The View", complained that only softball questions were asked by the hosts.

"With the exception of a question of whether the physical rigors of being president would keep Clinton from running ('No'), and Behar asking whether it was time that a woman became president, that's as tough as it got on 'The View' for the former first lady."

Fox News, ever the hypocrite, is complaining that a fluffy talk show didn't ask hard-hitting questions, when Fox (a supposed "hard news" channel) refuses to ask any hard-hitting questions of Republican officials that appear on their shows.

The article goes on to trash Behar's quote about former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. In an article that is clearly expressing outrage over Behar and O'Donnell voicing personal opinions, the Fox article is full of the same.

"Behar, meanwhile, appeared on her best behavior following a stunning, off-the-cuff likening Monday of Rumsfeld to Hitler, a response made during a free-wheeling discussion about Time magazine's pick for 'Person of the Year.'"

The article even goes as far as using the opinion of another Fox employee as a source for the story.

"FOX News contributor Jim Pinkerton, a fellow at the New America Foundation, said Behar's comments were inappropriate and that she should apologize."

Other sources used for the article included Stephen Hess of the Brookings Institute and another Fox News Contributor, Former Ambassador to Morocco Marc Ginsburg.

Both Clinton's office and the Pentagon declined to comment for the article, so the author decided to use only conservatives and Fox News employees to comment on the controversy.

The article, which is just as much fluff as "The View", is also guilty of what it's criticizing in the first place: hypocrisy, use of opinion, and pure, unadulterated bias.