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Fox Copies White House New Phrase: Iraq: Moving Forward

Reported by Donna - December 20, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they spoke of the President once again on sending more troops into Iraq.

Not only that, but they led with the President's favorite new phrase -- they had Iraq: Moving Forward as their banner for the story.

Smith said, "Here's a newsflash, the enemy has had some success. That from President Bush as he looks back on 2006 in Iraq. But he says he still thinks that the United States will win this thing (Comment: thing?) even if it takes more troops, though a lot are saying that more troops might be more of a problem."

He went to Bret Baier who was reporting from the White House. Baier said that the president was in favor of increasing the overall size of the U.S. military, the Army and the Marine Corps., but he's still deciding on a possible surge of thousands of troops to send into Iraq. He said that the president had conceded that 2006 was a difficult year for U.S. troops and the Iraqi people saying the enemy had success sparking sectarian violence.

He said the president was asked about his remarks to the Washington Post yesterday saying that the U.S. was not winning but was not losing.

Video of President Bush: "I believe that we are going to win. I believe that...um...by the way, if I didn't think that I wouldn't have our troops there. That's what you gotta know. We're gonna succeed. Uh...my comments yesterday reflected the fact that we're not succeeding nearly as fast as I wanted."

Baier said the president said that while the decision to send more troops into Iraq has not been finalized he said that more sacrifice will be required in 2007. He also said that more security would be the first priority that would enable political and reconstruction advances in Iraq. And he added that the president said that victory is still achievable there. (Comment: And how long do we have to listen to these same words)

Video of President Bush: "I also don't believe most Americans don't want us to just get out now. A lot of Americans understand the consequences of retreat. Retreat would embolden radicals. It would hurt the credibility of the United States." (Comment: Excuse me, but most Americans do want us out of Iraq and I believe the credibility he's worried about is his own)

Baier said the president said he could work with the Democrats on Immigration reform, Energy reform and the minimum wage hike. (Comment: What does that mean - he can't work with them on other issues?)

Shepard Smith asked Baier how much outside input he was getting because he listened to Colin Powell over the weekend and he said Powell said we're losing, it's a civil war and there is this argument that you don't want your people in the middle of people fighting each other, they're just more targets.

Baier said there were a number of people who had come in, former Army & Marine Generals and he's obviously reviewed the Baker-Hamilton Commission (Comment: But is he considering it?) but most of the input he's getting is from his own National Security Council that put forth it's own report on Iraq and Senior Administration Officials have told Fox they're leaning toward adding 20 to 30 thousand more troops to try and come up with a plan to secure Baghdad. He said whether that works or not, Colin Powell doesn't think that's enough troops.

Smith said that just about every source he has at the White House says that there is going to be some kind of major push in the first weeks of the new year, one last big effort and he wondered if there was a plan in place for after that if it didn't work. (Comment: Smith really expected a plan just in case this one fails after all the failures in this war?)

Baier said that was the big question. A speech on the New Way Forward was coming in the early weeks of January. He said if it didn't work they had a bigger problem.

Comment: So Fox uses the White House's own phrases - Iraq: Moving Forward and talked about the president's speech calling it the New Way Forward. Sometimes you think that the White House and Fox go hand in hand since Fox just copies the latest phrases of the White House.