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Coulter--Stoned or Spoiled Brat?

Reported by Judy - December 20, 2006 -

Ann Coulter had a little trouble keeping up with the conversation on the "Live Desk" on Fox News Wednesday (December 20, 2006). Was she stoned or ticked off because host Martha MacCallum interrupted her? With video.

Coulter and other panel members were discussing a proposal from a former Green Beret, Frank Antenori, that the U.S. adjust its mix of troops in Iraq away from those trained to fight classic military conflicts to those trained in special forces. Coulter seemed normal, for her, when she was introduced, smiling her fake, ice-woman smile. But that quickly changed.

MacCallum went first to Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter for a comment on Antenori's proposal, and then turned to Coulter for a bit, before interrupting Coulter. This apparently ticked off Coulter, who could be heard muttering that she had not finished her thought.

MacCallum went back to Coulter a few seconds later, but Coulter refused to play nice, saying she had lost her thought.

MacCallum giggled to cover up any annoyance and went on to the next topic -- Sen. Hillary Clinton's appearance on "The View."

Again Cutter made some sensible comments about the competition between Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois. MacCallum then tossed it to Coulter with, "Ann, what do you think?"

"On what?" asked a Coulter who now looked zoned out.

MacCallum prodded Coulter before getting her to say, "None of this sounds new to me, nor the fact that she's running again."

Coulter's behavior was strange for someone appearong on national television. She seemed to start off OK, but tuned the program out after MacCallum interrupted her. Either that, or whatever she took right before going on kicked in during the middle of the show.