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Bill O'Reilly Now Prefers " Far Left Loons" For His Name Calling

Reported by Deborah - December 20, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly has returned from Iraq transformed into the perfect patriot with honor and intent so pure that he felt compelled to stop calling his percieved enemy " bomb throwers" and has instead chosen a more dignified term for his name calling, " far left loons". His talking points,12/19, focused on the anger of the "far left loons" who he claims are losing the culture war and furious that people are now saying Merry Christmas. As always, he was happy to single out the most noteworthy angry loons, who had written about him, for special recognition. 12/20/06

O'Reilly began his tirade using Danny DeVito and Joy Behar then he branched out to Matt Damon because he commented that many of our troops join for financial reasons. O'Reilly got all huffy claiming the military comes from the middle class. Damon's comment, shown in an out of context blip, was neither angry or accusatory and actually sounded concerned .O'Reilly put him in his "angry left wing loon file" anyway.

Then he moved on to the newspaper criticisms which he somehow believes are not deserved. He just can't get that cause and effect theory right and seems to actually believe he's an innocent victim.

"Joel Stein in the Los Angeles Times called me an 'annoying Gentile.' Clyde Haberman in the New York Times called me a 'senior deacon in the church of perpetual outrage.' Talking Points believes the anger on the far left will only get worse. These people don't like getting their butts kicked in the culture war and are on the attack."

BOR ended with a a mild but clear threat for 2007.
"As one of their targets, I'm more amused than anything else, but I do realize there is a serious intent behind the secular progressive movement, and exposing that agenda will become more important than ever in 2007.

comment: Well, since O'Reilly invented the secular progressive movement, he's needs to figure out what they have planned for 2007 so he can expose it and save us all.