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Fox Guest Says Joy Behar, Matt Damon & Keith Olbermann Should Be Rounded Up And Put In A Detention Center Because They're Traitors

Reported by Donna - December 19, 2006 -

Today in a segment on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer he had two guests on to talk about Joy Behar's comparing Rumsfeld to Hitler. One of the guests pulled a Gestapo move on the conversation with his rounding up people to send to detention camps.

The following is my transcription between Bill Hemmer, right wing radio host, Mike Gallagher and left wing radio host, Rob Thompson.

Bill Hemmer: They talk about Godwins Law, internet junkies, as discussions grow longer someone makes a comparison to Hitler and that person loses the argument. The view, Joy Behar weighing in on the Times Person of the Year.

Video Clip of Joy Behar: "I don't think anyone cares anymore about Time Magazines Person of the Year. You have to put like a Hitler type, like you put Donald Rumsfeld there or something."

Onscreen is a picture of Hitler and Donald Rumsfeld side by side and the words 'The View from the Left?'

Bill Hemmer: Rob, can you defend that?

Rob Thompson: Who can? Godwins Law stands true in all instances. Nobody believes he's like Hitler, c'mon.

BH: I like Joy Behar. I think she's smart. I think she's funny but this is a bit unexcusable, Mike?

RT: Now, if she'd have said something like Rumsfeld alone or Rumsfeld is a lot like Bob MacNamera, we'll put him on the cover of Time Magazine.

Mike Gallagher: You know it's a little bit ridiculous that we continue to watch these TV stars and movie stars who smear our leaders. I just wonder, Rob, if you'll think for a moment what our enemies think (Comment: Now our enemies are watching The View?) of seeing TV personalities comparing the outgoing Defense Secretary to Adolph Hitler.

I mean, you know, conservatives never get a pass. Strom Thurmond is wished a Happy Birthday by Trent Lott and the sky falls in on Trent Lott. But if Joy Behar goes on national TV and compares a good man like Rumsfeld to the evilest man in the world and there's no repercussions for Joy Behar. You know, I think we should round up all of these folks. Round up Joy Behar, round up Matt Damon, who last night on MSNBC attacked George Bush and Dick Cheney. Round up Olbermann, take the whole bunch of them and put them in a detention camp until this war is over because they're a bunch of traitors.

RT: They're not traitors, they're Americans. You know what the great thing about America is? You get to say what you like and you don't get thrown into detention camps...

MG:..No, you don't...

RT: ...And that's what the rest of the world sees. They see free Americans say what they like without having any fear of going to jail. So, if I wanted to compare someone to Hitler or anybody else, Pol Pot, whatever it might be, I have no fear of going to jail because that is what an America is.

MG: There's such a thing as treason, Rob.

RT: That's not treason. That's just political talk and satire and it's a little funny at the least.

BH: Mike, what do you want? An apology from ABC, Barbara Walter, who runs the show? What do you want?

MG: Listen, I think we ought to have the same standard for Joy Behar that Rush Limbaugh was held to when he said Donovan McNabb was an over-rated quarterback. He was out. (Comment: Rush Limbaugh also said the league was eager to see a black quarterback do well in the NFL) Michael Richards is under siege right now, as he should be for his racist rant, but he's out. So why is Joy Behar not out? Why is Rosie O'Donnell not out? Why is Rosie O'Donnell not facing any consequences for going 'ching-chang, ching-chang, ching-chang' (he says this while he pulls at his eyes to mimic and make fun of an Asian person)? And making fun of Danny DeVito and sluring Aisian Americans or comparing , she said radical Christianity is as dangerous as radical Islam. These people ought to be held accountable.

BH: Almost out of time (overtalk)

JT: Mike, you just did it. And Danny DeVito? I don't know what that's about. And Rush Limbaugh was fired because he didn't know football. That was why he was fired and he called Donovan McNabb a couple of racist slurs. But the fact is he was (overtalk) wrong, McNabb is a great quarterback. Richards is suffering as well.

MG: Oh really? Hey, Rob, ask an Eagle fan if Donovan McNabb wasn't over-rated this year? He's out. Look, they're winning. Rob, you better watch your football.


RT: We'll talk football as well if you like. (more overtalk)

BH: Nex week, Happy Holidays, see you guys.

Comment: It's so nice to see that Fox has professional guests on who suggest rounding up Americans who practice free speech and putting them in detention centers. It's ironic to say the least that this is what Hitler did.