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Dick Morris Says That If Hillary Wins Presidency, He'll Leave The Country

Reported by Ellen - December 19, 2006 -

Hillary Clinton wrote a Wall Street Journal editorial with Republican Senator John Ensign, in which they argued against a “surge” in troops to Iraq. But rather than discuss that important issue, FOX News trivialized the matter last night (12/18/06) by having Hannity & Colmes focus on her political ambitions, instead. The very anti-Hillary Dick Morris was the sole guest. Predictably, he found a way to smear Barack Obama along the way so that the whole thing became another FOX News bashapalooza of Democrats. Morris topped it off by announcing that if Hillary becomes president, he’ll leave the country. With video.

Dick Morris completely ignored the fact that Senator Ensign had co-written the editorial and that Clinton and Ensign had called for a new direction in Iraq. War, schmore, what counted was how this might affect the ’08 elections. With a gleeful bonus-swipe at Bill Clinton, Morris said that Hillary and Bill suffer from ADD. “When they don’t get enough attention, they’re disordered.”

Then it was time to go after Obama. Morris claimed that Obama is the “best thing that’s ever happened to Hillary Clinton. Because he can’t win. You think about the guy for five minutes and you’re not gonna vote for him… Nobody's gonna vote for him.” But, Morris claimed, “The point is, he robs other people of traction” and the opposition is being “vitiated” by Obama.

Karen Hanretty, substituting for Sean Hannity, also conveniently ignored the Iraq issues. She focused on Hillary’s 10th anniversary release of It Takes A Village. Hanretty toned down the shrill shrew persona she uses as a guest. But she was quick as ever at smearing Democrats. Hanretty deliberately ignored the success of Clinton’s book and overlooked the fact that hundreds of people lined up for signed copies. Hanretty sneered, “This seems to just reek of desperation on (Clinton’s) part, though, as a means to get herself out there.”

Morris was clearly more worried about Obama than he wanted to let on. The reason soon became clear: Obama might join the ticket as vice president and help Clinton win. Morris again claimed that Obama was running off the competition – keeping Gore away, and “plateauing” Edwards. Morris said, “Obama's in fact a better first than (Clinton) is. First black is better than first woman, in politics." So, after scoffing that Obama’s book is “lighter than air,” Morris suggested Clinton “let him float and then let him float away, like a balloon, probably running him for VP on her ticket.”

“I’m leaving the country if this happens,” Morris said.

At the end, Alan Colmes asked if Morris would really do that. Colmes noted that when liberals said that about Bush, Morris wanted to hold them to it.

Morris half-joked, "But I'm going to be chased out of the country."