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Dick Morris Does His Obama v Clinton Shtick Again On FOX

Reported by Deborah - December 19, 2006 -

How many variations of the same Obama theme will Dick Morris be able to deliver for FOX in the coming months.Yesterday, on Big Story, he was able to come up with a slightly revised theory about Barack Obama's slim chances against Hillary Clinton but his message is always the same. Barack Obama has no substance and he will help Hillary Clinton win the nomination. 12/18/06

Morris told John Gibson that Barack Obama fills the " Hillary vacuum" but once people think about him for more than five minutes they realize that he can't be taken seriously. So Morris concluded once again that Obama's popularity is actually good for Clinton since people will vote for her when they actually think about Obama and realize the truth.

Then drifting into the past, he told a little story about Bob Dole's campaign to illustrate his point. Claiming that people following Lamar Alexander were only left with a choice between Forbes and Dole, so they were forced to choose Dole.

comment: Apparently, FOX doesn't care how Morris wraps the message as long as he gets it out as often as possible.