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Hemmer Claims *Parade of Democrats* Headed To Syria, Forgets To Mention A Republican Is Going, Too

Reported by Donna - December 18, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer he talked about John Kerry traveling to Syria. He also mentioned that Democratic Senator Chris Dodd was heading there, too. He then called it a 'parade of Democrats' heading to Syria but didn't mention that Republican Senator, Arlen Specter was headed there as the banner on his screen claimed.

Hemmer spoke with Republican Senator, John Cornyn (Texas) and the following is my partial transcript. The only thing left out was that Hemmer advised Cornyn that he might have to interupt the interview if the news conference started regarding the missing three hikers in Oregon.

Bill Hemmer: Johbn Kerry, sitting down to a chat with the leader of a known terrorist state, Syria. The Massachustetts Senator on a nine day trip to the middle east and on the agenda (is) a meeting with the President of Syria. Kerry calls it a fact finding mission but some bloggers on line (Comment: Is this taking the place of 'some people say?') accuse the presidential wannabe (Comment: So complimentary of Hemmer) of trying to rewrite foreign policy. Is that the case? Texas Senator John Cornyn is head of the Armed Services Committee, and Senator, welcome here. Do you endorse the trip to Damascus, sir?

Senator John Cornyn: Well, I can't see how any good can come of it. Syria is complicit with Iran in supplying rockets to Hezbollah which they rained down on North Israel just a few short weeks ago and supporting the terrorist orgainization which has killed more Americans than any other in history except for Al Qaeda. I'm referring now to 241 Marines that were killed in their marine barracks in Beirut Lebanon.

BH: You know Damuscus has ties with Hezbollah, you've pointed that out. Might it also have conections with the Sunni insurgency in Iraq? If you put all this together and maybe you draft some help with (the) Palestianian issiue, does the trip have any upside do you believe?

JC: I think it sends a message that America is divided, not united in fighting the war on terror. (Comment: No kidding, I think the whole world is aware of this) And, I'm not sure what the purpose of the discussions are. (Then maybe you should be more informed before you speak about it) Is it a negotiation or does it offer some encouragement to the Syrians,? Frankly, I think it's very ill advised and I wish Senator Kerry wouldn't have done it. (Comment: And your fellow Republican Senator?)

BH: You know the one thing the State Department said about this last week is that it sends a mixed message regarding U.S. policy. You agree with that obviously, don't you?

JC: Well, under the constitution the president of the United States is the unitary head of our government, in particularly, matters of foregin affairs.

This is when the banner appeared: *Sen Arlen Specter (R) Sen Chris Dodd (D) also traveling to Syria*

JC: If each of the United States Senators and each member of the House of Representatives felt like they were an independent agent could go around the world and negotiate with foreign heads of state on various matters it would be chaos and so that's why it's important to not have senators or members of congress go out and engage as free agents for the negotiations.

BH: Well, Chris Dodd is heading there as well, looks likes a parade of Democratic Senators heading to Damascus. Will you talk face to face with your Senate colleagues and tell them your view?

JC: Well, I'm certainly happy to do that. I think they understand the controversy this engenders and perhaps the confusion that is a result of it. I just think it is ill advised, I wish they wouldn't do it.

BH: Yeah, but one thing the Iraq Study Group said was go ahead talk to Syria, talk to Iran. What's wrong with engaging the leader in Syria and Damascus? They could offer some sort of support to shore up that border area between Syria and Iraq or other type of help to fight the insurgency?

JC: Well clearly Syria and Iran are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Iran is providing IED's, Improvised Explosive Devices to the Shitte in Iraq. (Comment: Who was talking about Iran?) Clearly, Syria is complicit in allowing foreign fighters to come through it's borders into western Iraq (Comment: Foreign fighters have been set at anywhere from 2 to 5% of the total of insurgents) and into Baghdad and cause a lot of chaos that's ensuing there. These countries are going to pursue their own national interest (Comment: What country doesn't?) and it's hard to see (if) there's any common ground between our desire to create an Iraq that can govern, stabilize and defend itself, and what they want.

BH: Senator, thank you.

Comment: Hemmer led a completely softball interview with the Republican Senator. He also emphasized that a *parade of Democrats* was going to Damascus when his own banner said that a Republican was going to Syria, which he didn't mention at all. Senator Cornyn never mentioned the fact that a Republican was going to Syria either.