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A Democrat Goes to Syria vs. a Republican Goes to Syria

Reported by Melanie - December 18, 2006 -

Last Wednesday Neil Cavuto hosted Republican Senator Jon Kyl (AZ) in a bash-Democrat-Bill-Nelson segment. Nelson had the temerity to go to Syria and speak to Syrian President Assad to try to get something, anything going to improve the horrendous mess George Bush created in Iraq. But, of course, sticking our nose in the air at Assad (and others) is more important to "some people" than dealing with that heartbreaking and shameful mess so Cavuto and Kyl went at it over Nelson's bad behavior (never mind Bush's).

(December 18, 2006)

Cavuto kicked off the segment with,

Well, you almost have to do a double take. A top United States Senator meeting with Syrian President Assad, the same Assad the President says he has no intention of talking to and the same President my next guest says Democratic Senator Bill Nelson looks like a fool for talking to. Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl is here and let's just say he's angry.

Kyl: "Just let me say Bill Nelson's a friend of mine and I don't mean to be too critical," but it, "does seem to me that each team has one quarterback. We elected the President to be our spokesman with foreign countries and he does speak through the State Department and certain elected senators are not supposed to be part of the diplomatic team."

Cavuto said Nelson justified his trip in part because the "Iraq Study Group says we should talk to Assad."

Kyle said, "that doesn't mean that it's now the policy of the United States government, or most especially that individual United States senators then decide to go off on their own and be the spokesman for the United States." We're "trying to send certain signals to Assad, the President of Syria, and he gets very confused if you have a lot of different people talking to him at the same time."

What a condescending thing to say.

Cavuto said he "suspects" that "our enemies know that division very well and try to exploit it."

Kyl said, "Well, they certainly can exploit is. People then go on over there and begin having conversations with him, reporting back that maybe there's a crack here, there's an opportunity." Emissaries, "ought not to be going there as if everything's just fine and dandy."

(Memo to Kyl: Things are far from "fine and dandy" which is precisely why Nelson went to Syria. George "I sleep good" Bush is the one who seems to think "everything's fine and dandy." It's time to get moving and you've got to hand it to Nelson (and others) for doing SOMETHING!)

Cavuto wondered, "how we know the administration didn't secretly want this trip," and Kyl said, "I think we would have known."

Cavuto asked Kyl if he thought we should talk to Syria and Iran like the "Study Group advises," and Kyl said, "No. You don't sit down in negotiations with someone who's causing you a lot of trouble right now." You "send a very bad signal to your enemies. You send a bad signal to your friends."

The chyron that sat at the bottom of the screen during the segment read, Sen Kyl (R) Speaks Out Against Dem. Senator's Trip to Syria.

This morning I saw Bill Hemmer interview John Cornyn (R-TX). Cornyn was on to bash John Kerry for his trip to Syria so I wondered what Cavuto would do to mark REPUBLICAN Senator Arlen Specter's trip there. The "fair and balanced" answer: Nothing. He didn't mention it. If it bleeds, it leads, but only if the Democrats are doing the bleeding.