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Heartland Heterosexual Roommates - The End of the World As We Know It!

Reported by Chrish - December 17, 2006 -


After a discussion about that naughty Miss USA which featured many photos of the svelte young miss in apparel suitable for a Victoria’s Secret catalogue (Cavuto would definitely approve!), Kasich continued with a segment that was sure to strike fear and loathing in the heartland. As a tease, Kasich asked, “should girls and guys be allowed to share dorm rooms?”

Kasich began his interview by saying “this sounds completely insane.” His first guest, Brittney Hoffman, of the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition said that this was an issue about safety for gays and transgender students who are assigned to same sex roommates. She noted that this is a voluntary program that does not entail large expenditures such as building new dorms. While she was speaking, the chryon read that Weslyan has been doing this for 15 years, that 20% of colleges do this, and that 77% of students support it.

Kasich, who was having difficulty with the concept, asked “how many transgender students are there that we have to be changing all these rules” to which she responded that the paramount issue is safety.

John then turned to his other guest, Chris Kulawik, who is president of Columbia University College Republicans; but was identified as being from “College Republicans.” Not surprisingly, Kulawik said that this “opens the door for a slippery slope because people are going to abuse it.” (Comment: wasn’t that the old argument about contraception?). He added that it “defies tradition because it goes against the status quo on the basis of gender norms and gender roles” and that the majority of 19 and 20 year olds are not in a position to make a decision.” (Huh, excuse me, say what – 19 and 20 year olds are legal adults who certainly are well aware of their own sexuality).

At this point, Kasich was visibly shaken and was twitching as he ranted “my taxpayer dollars go for dorm building and providing services and aid…I’m not for boys living with girls…If you have a transgender problem, you’re going to have bigger problems than who your roommate is…If you can’t get through that, what a mess that is….” In the middle of the next sentence fragment, “I don’t know why my tax dollars are…,” Hoffman said that “it has little to do with tax dollars and any new policies because it doesn’t cost much money” at which point Kasich interrupted and said that he didn’t want any colleges in his state to allow “boys and girls” to live together.

As time was running out, Hoffman said that we need to move beyond the obsession with heterosexual couples being able to live in the same room because the issue is about safety. Kasich, ever the objective journalist replied “my daughter tells me she’s going to move in with a 19 year old guy, she’s coming home.”

Comment: Iraq is a mess, there’s a crisis in Darfur, and John is worried about college “girls and boys” sharing living space because of safety reasons. Judging from John’s reaction to this “shocking” concept, there must be a lot of insecurity in the Heartland.