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Fred Barnes' Ghoulish Speculation About Tim Johnson

Reported by Deborah - December 16, 2006 -

No doubt, Fred Barnes would make excuses or accuse critics of taking his words out of context but today on Beltway Boys his insensitive speculation about Senator Johnson was wrong. After chattering away in his usual style about the balance of power in the Senate he blurted out about Johnson, " If he should happen to die...." 12/16/06

Barnes came out with this comment in the first 10 minutes of Beltway Boys 6PM. There have been reports from our readers of a few instances in the past where comments have been cut for the repeat at 11:30 PM. Although there has been too much heartless speculation on FOX News about Senator Johnson's recovery, this is the first time I've heard someone come out and speculate about his possible death openly.

Barnes seemed to be aware of his ill chosen words saying, " This is morbid but.." Then he tried to explain himself saying that he was reflecting on how fragile the balance of power is in the Senate indicating that neither party will be able to push their agendas through.

comment: It seems that Fred Barnes, Beltway fanatic, has forgotten that Tim Johnson is a decent man with loving family and friends praying for his full recovery. Fred Barnes really needs to make a public apology to them and his viewers for his callous detachment. Barnes and Kondracke should have spent the minutes of worthless speculation sending good wishes to Johnson who is improving. Let's hope Johnson's family wasn't watching Beltway Boys today at the hospital.