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Sean Hannity Gets In The Christmas Spirit By “Joking” About Stuffing A Toy “Down A Liberal’s Throat”

Reported by Ellen - December 15, 2006 -

Franklin Graham visited Hannity & Colmes last night to promote his Operation Christmas Child which provides shoeboxes with gifts and, not so coincidentally, a book of the gospel, to children in developing countries. As he and Hannity reflected on the importance of keeping Christ in Christmas, Hannity held up one of the toys and “joked,” “We can stuff this down a liberal's throat and shut him - make him quiet.” With video.

In addition to that Christmas spirit, there was a lot of talk about the “war on Christmas.” Hannity said “We’re winning.”

Graham was not so sure but he vowed to fight on… in the spirit of love and peace and doing his best to push everyone into worshiping the way he does. "I don't know if we're winning or not but you know I'm not going to back down." He added that he wants every child to know not only that God loves them but that "Jesus Christ is God's son who died on a cross for their sins and Christmas is all about Christ coming to this earth to save us from our sins."

"And giving his life for us," Christian-spirited Hannity added.

Graham said that when you give a gift to a child "in Christ's name, you're doing something for them that no one else has ever done before." That must be quite a risky venture because, Graham insisted, “We're living in a world that hates Christ, OK. We live in a world that hates not only his name but everything about him."

Nevertheless, Graham also told Alan Colmes that children don’t have to accept the Christian faith to get the gifts. Comment: No, just the booklet of the Gospel that goes with them.

Then it was back to the war on Christmas and the attempt to take prayer out of school.

As Graham spoke, Hannity was playing with one of the little stuffed animals that, presumably, was a sample of what the children would get. Hannity held up the animal and said, "Hey, Reverend, forgive me for sounding bad. We can stuff this down a liberal's threat and shut him - make him quiet."

Graham laughed.

Hannity said, “I shouldn't have said that, right?”

The video begins with Graham complaining for the second time about the “desperate attempt by secularists to take everything of Christ out of society.”