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Mary Matalin Smears Obama And Other Democrats While Pretending To Change The Tone Of Political Debate

Reported by Ellen - December 15, 2006 -

Mary Matalin, dressed up like a sequin, was the first guest on Hannity & Colmes last night (12/14/06) to talk about the “top story” about conservative harping on Barack Obama’s middle name of Hussein. I guess because she’s a former adviser to Dick Cheney, that makes her a neutral voice who doesn’t need another guest for balance. “Who cares what his name is?” Matalin asked. “People want to turn the page, they want a different tone, they want civil debate, they want real dialogue.” As proof of her civility Matalin said, “He’s a nothing, based on nothing. He’s an empty vessel.”

Alan Colmes told Matalin that if she really meant it when she talked about changing the tone, “Then tell your conservative friends to drop the 'Hussein' as if that’s significant.”

With her screechy voice, Matalin said, “Oh for Pete’s sake, get a sense of humor.”

Colmes seemed in no mood for her kind of “joke.” He said, “Well, you know what the real subliminal message is, saying his middle name is Hussein. Don’t play naïve with me, Mary… You refer to Barack Obama as a nothing and then you complain about the level of discourse in the United States. You’re guilty of that, yourself."

Matalin responded, “He’s not running on anything. He’s running on no agenda.”

Colmes noted that Obama is not running, he has not announced and that he has no agenda because he’s not yet a candidate. Colmes said that all the attention Obama’s getting “really gets under your skin to the point where he’s gotta be attacked in the blogosphere, attacked by conservatives, called a nothing by you on television.”

Matalin whined, “Am I attacking him? I said he’s not running on any agenda. I said I think he’s a fine human being. He’s more liberal – at least the way these things are rated… I’m saying it says something about the Democratic Party that a guy who’s not running on any agenda has become the number one top contender.” In another attempt to “change the tone,” she continued, “(Democrats) so want something, they want somebody to stand for them even though they stand for nothing and stand on nothing. But I don’t say that’s his fault. If he pulls together an agenda, he’ll be a formidable candidate, if he runs.”

I’m sure Obama is deeply flattered.

Sean Hannity disingenuously asked, “If his middle name is Hussein, what is wrong with people bringing up his middle name?”

Nothing, of course, as far as Matalin was concerned. She said, “I personally am so calloused” because so many people have said so many unkind things about President Bush and Vice President Cheney. But, big spirit that she is, she reiterated the importance of rising above that kind of pettiness. “The message this electorate sent this last cycle was get off it, can we talk about some issues here, which he hasn’t been doing but hopefully he will.”

The discussion moved on to the question of Hillary’s potential candidacy in ’08. Once again, Matalin demonstrated her good nature. She told Hannity, “You know, and I don’t mean this pejoratively (Oh, no, of course not!), but Barack Obama’s an empty vessel.” Matalin ticked off on her fingers. “and Edwards is an empty suit who’s leading in Iowa, and Kucinich is empty-headed so, you know, (Hillary’s) got the most heft of all of them.”

At the end of the segment, Colmes dryly said, “Thank you, Mary, for being here to advocate for raising the level of discourse by calling Edwards empty-headed… You have a Merry Christmas, OK?”

You can watch the video of this segment on the Hannity & Colmes website. Right now, it’s in the video box and called “Mary Matalin.”