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Even absent, O'Reilly pontificates on Pitt, Jolie, Cruise...

Reported by Chrish - December 15, 2006 -

John Kasich subbed for Bill O'Reilly on The Factor tonight 12/14/06, but as usual the biggest head on cable pre-recorded several segments so viewers wouldn't forget him over the long weekend. In one segment he deigned to psychoanalyze the behavior of celebrities who allow some pictures of their children to be published and of course, he is outraged. Outraged!

Of interest, introducing the segment Kasich said that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's beautiful baby Shiloh was splashed all over the tabloids today, and the graphic was of the NY Daily News and the NY Post (owned by Murdoch and frequently used as a reference to bolster - echo - a talking point.)

In the video, O'Reilly asserted that these babies should be out of the public eye, and that for the parents to "market" them for fame, fortune, publicity (yeah, Brangelina needs the money) is "just low, is it not?" His guest, Katrine Szish of US Weekly magazine, said of course exploitation would be wrong, but fans want to know details and celebs who allow a peek and then say now leave us alone.... O'Reilly interrupted and whined, they're not going to leave them alone anyway! That's a bogus argument.

He concluded that they - Cruise, Jolie, Pitt, et al - allow these pictures to "get people to like them - aaww, look at the cute little baby; they're just like you and me." It's wrong, he insists, just wrong. Szish argued that it is bizarre, but Hollywood is a bizarre place. O'Reilly wants to know why society doesn't say hey, knock it off, you people. O'Reilly said he loooathes the paprazzi - he hates them! They're intrusive and dishonest.

This from a man who sent his producers after judges who handed down light sentences, going so far as to harrass a man into his garage. Another time his producer followed a tee-shirt maker down the streets for daring to make shirts listing the names (to date) of US soldiers killed in Iraq (Bush lied, they died) . If O'Reilly disapproves of you he has no problem sticking a camera in your face and barring that, he'll use his national soapbox to call you names, call your morals into question (see above), and pass judgment on your decisions and positions.

If society DID say hey, knock it off O'Reilly would be out of a job. If society said "we don't want to know the details of strangers' lives," which is essentially what he's calling for, FOX would have to stop carrying stories of the Natalee Holloways, the Laci Petersens, the JonBenet Ramseys, (remember how much mileage they got out of that non-story?) the teens who talk back, the 14-year-olds who have had abortions - all of it. It's none of our business and it's wrong - just wrong. So yeah, knock it off.