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What If Chris Wallace Interviewed Laura Bush Instead of Martha MacCallum?

Reported by Judy - December 14, 2006 -

Martha MacCallum aired her interview with Laura Bush on Thursday (December 14, 2006), a few minutes of fluff about what she got George for Christmas and how she handles all the "stress" of the holidays in the White House. It was a totally forgettable piece of journalism, but it got me to thinking about how the session would have turned out had Fox News assigned Chris Wallace to interview Laura Bush and asked him to be as aggressive as he was with President Clinton.

Instead of simply asking Laura Bush how she handles the "stress" of the holidays, Wallace probably would have asked, "Has your husband's affair with Condi Rice caused stress in your marriage?" If he wanted to be less direct, you might have started with, "Is Condi Rice the 'mystery woman.?'"

He might have followed up with, "Why did you leave the White House to spend a weekend at the Watergate Hotel?" or "Is it true George is drinking again?" or even, "Has George agreed to counseling yet?"

Too straightforward? OK, Wallace could have gone with, "How did George tell you what he wanted for Christmas if you and he barely speak to each other anymore?"

Then, Wallace could have slipped in a few questions about the twins -- "Why were they asked to leave Argentina recently?" or "Do you approve of the unemployed Argentine that Jena has been dating? Will he be joining the family for the holidays?"

Switching gears to another famous daughter, Wallace could have asked Laura Bush if she knows who the father of Mary Cheney's daughter is.

Chris Wallace would have made his bones for sure with that interview. And it would have made a great Christmas present for us all here at News Hounds, too.