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"Vulture Culture" on FOX continues to speculate on worst-case scenario re Senator Johnson (D-SD)

Reported by Chrish - December 14, 2006 -

Today 12/14/06 The Big Story with John Gibson continued what can only be called a death-watch over the recuperating Senator Johnson, who is responsive after brain surgery. Panelists were brought in to discuss what-if scenarios and stategize for how exactly the Republicans can use his illness to their advantage if he should be so uncooperative as to live.

Byron York first answered Gibson's question as to under what circumstances, should he not recover, would Johnson vacate his seat? Well, unless he were to die it's likely he wouldn't; there are multiple instances where Senators have been absent with illnesses for months and in a few cases, over a year.

David Drucker answered the next question, how does this work? If he does not return to work does the Senate remain controlled by Democrats? Short answer: yes. He doesn't anticipate any calls for resignation or even questions about "when" will Johnson return for at least six months.

Gibson answered his next question, why is everyone talking about this - (other than the fact that) Democrats have a one-seat majority and the governor who would conceivably appoint a replacement IF necessary is a Republican. York essentially agreed, it's because there's only a one-vote majority and control of the Senate hangs on it.

Drucker misspoke in answering the next question - would Governor Rounds (R-SD) dare to appoint a Republican should the seat be vacated? He answered "not if he ever wants to work again" but in expounding on his answer it was made clear he meant to say that Rounds would surely appoint a Republican, to retain his support among conservative Republicans in that state.

York reminded us that in geaorgia in 2000 a Republican Senator died, and the Democratic Governor replaced him with a Democrat.

Comment: This is absolutely ghoulish, and FOX is not alone in this "vulture culture." Senator Johnson's family is being subjected to worst-case scenarios being discussed casually for political positioning, and the media should be ashamed. And they should shut up, all of them.