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O'Reilly Does His FOX Share Of Obama Trashing

Reported by Deborah - December 14, 2006 -

O'Reilly has managed to find time to chip away at Barack Obama this week even though this is his busy season. Dick Morris pontificated twice, Michelle Malkin offered her always balanced analysis and there was even a little ambush of Obama at a book signing to add some spice.12/14/06

Dick Morris, on 12/7, claimed the media was looking forward to a good primary fight between Hillary Clinton and Obama. Morris said he was sure Obama was running for President but despite his potential, he was a lightweight. O'Reilly, as always, brought the discussion back to himself speculating that Obama wouldn't come on his show because it was too unpredictable for him. So both agreed that Obama was not presidential material.

When Morris returned on Wednesay, 12/13, after Obama's phenomenal showing in New Hampshire, he delivered essentally the same message. This time he had to acknowledge Obama's popularity saying,

"Voters want a candidate like Obama, someone who is new, someone who is moderate. And they would like to vote for an African American. But Obama doesn't have the substance and voters are increasingly asking what he's all about. Obama has a great future, but he is not going to be a viable contender this time."

Morris claimed that Obama's poll numbers would continue to fall and dismissed Edwards as a "retread". O'Reilly went back to the same old refrain about how Obama won't come on his show claiming that he avoids "tough venues".

On Monday, 12/11, O'Reilly showed a very embarrassing clip of his obnoxious producer ambushing Obama at a book signing. He stood at the foot of the signing table badgering him in a loud accusatory voice as if Obama had done something wrong. Obama was gracious and said he liked Bill and agreed to come on The Factor. O'Reilly couldn't find fault with his reaction so he complained that Obama had not returned his calls.

BOR's delightful debate duo, Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers then appeared to discuss Kofi Annan but he was quickly trashed leaving time for Obama. Malkin had acid injectors drawn and talking points ready.

"He's telegenic, he's young, he fits the multi-cultural agenda of the mainstream media. I don't care about his skin color, it's his empty suit that's far more of a problem, and his ultra left-wing agenda.

Powers tried to argue that Obama was not left-wing but the message had already been sent and Malkin will continue to deliver the same message over and over and over.