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Fox Says If Sen Johnson Dies - Things Could Change Politically

Reported by Donna - December 14, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line Bill Hemmer spoke with Major Garrett, who was reporting from the hospital where Senator Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota) had undergone emergency brain surgery.

Major Garret seemed a bit peeved at the way he was being treated. Apparently he said absolutely zero information was coming out about the Senator's health and he was barred from the George Washington University hospital Starbucks because he was a reporter. He said this was not unprecedented but it was highly unusual.

The segment then talked about Senator Harry Reid speaking and saying that he had seen the Senator and that he looked good, very good, but he wasn't going to describe his medical condition. Major Garrett said that Republicans were giving their best wishes but were not challenging his ability to fulfill his obligations (Comment: My goodness, I hope not, he just got sick yesterday) but if his condition turns grave and he would actually die, things could change and shift the balance of the power.

Comment: This was a rather harsh segment, talking about if he would die how things could change politically. Later on they had a segment with a doctor and with John Kasich where they took a non partisan position, possibly to make up for this segment. They had Kasich actually saying that this was a time where partisan issues went away and everyone was concerned about the Senator's health.