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In Happy Iraq, Oliver North "Jokes" That French Girl Scouts And Alan Colmes Are Part of Iraq Insurgency

Reported by Ellen - December 13, 2006 -

Proven liar Oliver North (his conviction was overturned on a technicality) was on Hannity & Colmes again last night (12/12/06), still in Happy Iraq, with another Happy soldier talking Happy Talk. The only problem was that North came close to being shot. So to keep the Happy spirit, North joked to Alan Colmes, "Some character, who apparently had been trained by the French Girl Scouts or by one of your friends, Alan, took a pot shot at us. The outcome might have been different if he'd been trained to shoot by Dick Cheney, but he missed." Note to North: Dick Cheney missed, too. With video (coming).

After that, it was back to Happy News. The guest, Lance Corp. Andrew Colon was nothing but Happy. "The Iraqis are working very hard to win back the city… They really want to help, Sir… I'm proud to have them behind my back, Sir… "I'm glad I'm able to help this country get back on its feet."

Colmes was not smiling when he told North, "I'm also very glad that the pot shot at him, just like your pot shot at me, missed." North laughed uproariously.

Colmes then brought up the idea being floated to send more troops to Iraq and asked the soldier whether they are needed "for him to do his job properly."

North hogged the microphone for himself. He would not even ask the soldier the question because, North said, it would put Colon on the spot. "Let me give you my opinion." North took a temporary detour from Happy Iraq by saying that more soldiers would mean "more targets for the bad guys to shoot at." But all was Happy again soon. North insisted, "It's working on the ground." He claimed the number of "incidents, as they call it, has dropped by about 50%. It's still a dangerous place but it's working." Then he commandeered the rest of Colmes' portion of the interview by insisting on time for Colon to greet his folks and friends at home.

In Sean Hannity’s portion of the interview, he said he had heard, "The fire was very close to you today.” North chuckled hard again. "That's why I said he was trained either by the French Girl Scouts or by one of Alan's friends."