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Fox Says President Leaning Towards Sending Thousands More Troops To Iraq

Reported by Donna - December 12, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they ran a segment on what the president might be thinking on his new inititative in Iraq. Under the banner 'Battle For Iraq' Smith said that senior administation officials now told Fox News that President Bush is leaning toward a large increase, possibly more than 10,000 U.S. forces to bring down the level of violence.

It was reported by Wendall Goler that the president had hoped to have his new initiative ready by Christmas, but now they're not sure if it will be ready until the State of the Union Address. They said that Bush was leaning towards sending thousands of more troops to Iraq to get better control of the insurgency and the sectarian violence there. The president's aides are trying to find out how many more troops are needed and where they will come from. (Comment: Yes, where will they come from?)

One senior administation official said there was a ton of stuff, a mountain of specifics in his words that needed to be dealt with in terms of military tactics and regional diplomacy that needed to be dealt with before the president can reach his new strategy. (Comment: What's he been doing for 4 years?)

Goler also said that the president's aides said that the Baker-Hamilton report, gives some options but is not a recipe for victory in Iraq. He also commented that the Baker Hamilton report would not want more troops in Iraq and in fact the only lawmaker that Bush has met with one on one recently regarding troop deployment is Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), who suggested sending 20,000 more troops into Iraq. General Abizaid said we could not maintain that level of deployment for long.

It was noted shortly after this report that 70 day laborers were killed in Iraq today.

Comments: It seems that the proposal that is going to be put forth from this administration is to send in more troops. Fox showed video of Tony Snow who more or less played down the Baker-Hamilton report, saying the president will continue to look for solutions from his own people. This sounded like a report from The Decider, not a democratically elected leader. It would have been nice to have the Democratic side to this possible new direction from the president, or to even mention that the majority of American people are against the war in Iraq.

Hasn't that what the president been doing for four years? Listening to his own people? Maybe it's about time to go a different direction, or a new way forward, which is the administration's new slogan. Sounds like they've completely downplayed the non partisan study done on the war in Iraq. In the meantime, the violence and killing continues.