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Chickenhawk Dennis Miller: What's Wrong In Iraq, Quite Frankly, Is That We're Not Brutal Enough To The Insurgents

Reported by Ellen - December 9, 2006 -

Dennis Miller has never served in the military (and I’ll bet none of his close relatives are currently serving, either), has no government nor diplomatic experience but he proclaimed last night (12/8/06) on Hannity & Colmes that he nonetheless knows the solution for winning the Iraq war: Being more brutal to the insurgents.

I could tell from the expression on Alan Colmes’ face as he introduced the segment that it was going to be another lead balloon full of Miller's mean-spirited barbs presented as cleverness. For example, last night Miller said, with regard to the leaking of Rumsfeld’s “change the course” memo last week, “Federal government employees leak more often than a frat pledge with a caper-sized bladder.” I wonder how hard all the “values voters” in the Hannity & Colmes audience were laughing.

But then Miller came up with his uninsightful, uninformative and untruthful take on the Iraq war thinly disguised as a critique of the just-released Iraq Study Group report.

“I always thought the reason we went into Iraq was to look scary again … Ostensibly, we’re in Iraq to reinvigorate our brand,” Miller claimed. Funny, I always thought it was because of WMD’s.

Miller continued, “But here at home, we’re proving ourselves soft and the enemy knows it. What’s wrong in Iraq, quite frankly, is that we’re not brutal enough to the insurgents… But you know as well as I do, that if we don’t fight back, it will be the end of us. Now I think it’s hard to get your head around the fact that your country might have to destroy some folks, I know I found it unsettling when it first crept into my frontal lobes.”

Feel free to go to Iraq and kick a little ass over there, Dennis. I imagine there's some contractor willing to hire you on. I doubt you’ll be inspiring very much militaristic fever here at home.

After the segment, Colmes, who is vehemently against the war, gamely made a point of looking amused. He joked he finally had an explanation for the Iraq war. “It’s all about branding.”

Rich Lowry, subbing for Sean Hannity, is another FOX News chickenhawk ready to command others from his armchair. Lowry said, “Well, it would be nice if people WERE afraid of us, Alan. You know one reason that Iran and Syria aren’t behaving, whereas Libya was when we were actually doing better in the war.”

According to Wikipedia, Lowry was born in 1968, which makes him still eligible to enlist. Anybody who wants to encourage him to put his you-know-what where his mouth is can email him at comments.lowry@nationalreview.com.

You can watch a video of Miller on FOXNews.com. For some reason, it’s under FOX Life, rather than in the Hannity & Colmes section of the video box. It’s called Miller Time.