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Bush 'Best President Ever'? Not Even on Fox

Reported by Judy - December 9, 2006 -

How bad are things for George W. Bush? Things are so bad that he can't even win a Fox News "fair and balanced" debate on whether he's the best president ever for the economy.

Brenda Buttner's, host of Fox News' "Bulls and Bears," took off from a Washington Post editorial calling Bush the "worst ever" president, and on Saturday (December 9, 2006) asked her panel if Bush is "the best president ever for the economy."

Perennial suck-up Charles Payne wasn't on the panel so Buttner went to Gary B. Smith, of Exemplar Capital, who first called Bush the best ever and then backed off, "If he’s not the best, he’s certainly the most underrated."

Smith was so pleased that unemployment was at a five-year low (i.e., not as good as six years ago, whoopee) and that the stock market was at an all-time high. And Scott Bleier, of hybridinvestors.com, agreed Bush was the best, after first trying to beg off from expressing an opinion.

But those week endorsements were the only ones Bush got.

Tobin Smith, of changewaveresearch.com, said Bush couldn't measure up to what Franklin Roosevelt did to put the economy on a long-term secure footing, and didn't even do what John F. Kennedy did, with tax cuts that helped the economy grow.

Joe Battipaglia, of Ryan, Beck and Co., focused on Bush's legacy, saying the tax cuts will expire, he's backed away from free trade, and failed at privatizing Social Security. "Unfortunately, he's fumbled it all away," said Battipaglia.

Pat Dorsey, of morningstar.com, called Bush's record "mixed," with "income distribution a lot more unequal," "median household income down," and "the deficit just ballooned out of nowhere."

"It’s mixed. It’s not the greatest. It’s not the worst," he said.

That made the vote only 2-3 for Bush being the best president ever for the economy.

Unfortunately for Bush, this was one vote that the Supreme Court couldn't override.