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John Gibson Distorts News Blurb Into Vietnam Style Anti War Action

Reported by Deborah - December 8, 2006 -

John Gibson, flushed with patriotism, claimed a woman protesting the Iraq War spit in a soldier's face in Syracuse, New York. Gibson cited a Syracuse Post Standard story which made no mention of the accused spitter having political motives. Looking a bit deeper, a conservative blog posted that the woman in question had been arrested previously for the kind of behavior that would indicate mental instability causing impulsive aggression like spitting.

The Jawa Report also cited the vague news blurb and like Gibson blamed the left with this nasty comment.

"Someone tell me again about how the Left supports the troops, but not their mission."

They also linked to a police report stating that the accused woman had been arrested earlier this year for endangering a child. Her companions were arrested for weapons violations, harrassment and menacing behavior. There was no mention in the police blotter of anti war involvement or political affiliation. However this didn't stop Jawa Report from distorting the incident to suit their needs. They also posted the accused woman's full name and address in case any of their friends wanted to pay her a visit.

Gibson chose to run with the assumption that the woman spit at the soldier for poltical reasons and not because she was volatile and unstable.

"So it is Vietnam all over again, now that the Democrats have won. Now we have anti-war protesters living again the darkest days of the Vietnam War, when American soldiers got off the plane and anti-war types spit on them."

Then Gibson took the vague blurb and turned it into a growing movement about to engulf the country and dishonor our troops.

"But here we go again. That grotesque sense of self-righteousness has evidently overtaken the anti-war types again, and it is to the great shame of the anti-Iraq war movement that this is happening again."

comment: John Gibson's ploy to discredit Democrats shows a total lack of regard for our troops. Promoting this distortion can only make our soldiers feel under appreciated and that's unforgivable. This spitting woman sounds like one unstable and erratic person who behaved badly. She does not represent any political party and is no omen of things to come. John Gibson is the one who owes our troops an apology.