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During "Two Minutes of Hate" Rant, Hume Neglects to Mention Fox Ties to NY Post

Reported by Janie - December 8, 2006 -

Last night (12/7) during Brit Hume's "Two Minutes of Hate" (AKA "Grapevine" segment) on "Special Report", Hume discussed world reaction to the Iraq Study Group's findings. Hume mentioned the splashy front page of the New York Post which upset many by referring to ISG participants James Baker and Lee Hamilton as "surrender monkeys". Hume neglected to mention however; that the NY Post is owned by the same parent company as Fox News: News Corp.

Under a banner reading, "The Real End of Bush Rule" Hume declared,

"Many overseas media are reacting to the release of the Iraq Study Group report by slamming the Bush administration.

The Egyptian tabloid 'al-Osboa' said the report indicated, 'the end of America.' The headline in the Egyptian opposition daily 'Al-Wafd' declared, 'Bush confesses defeat in Iraq,' and wrote of 'the real end of Bush rule.'

From Israel — the 'Ha'aretz' newspaper says, 'the Baker report undermines everything Bush and his aides believed in.' Here in the U.S, David Broder in The Washington Post reported that the commissioners had an 'exhilarating experience' in bipartisanship. But The New York Post called the co-chairmen of the ISG 'surrender monkeys' — a term often applied to the French."

Comment: Hume seems to think that the New York Post is the end-all on this topic, by his use of the word "but", and neglects to reveal to his audience that this paper that has caused a bit of an uproar is actually tied to Fox News, which is information viewers need to know in the name of "fairness."