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Bill O'Reilly And Bernie Goldberg Join FOX Chorus Against David Gregory And NBC

Reported by Deborah - December 8, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly had no problem last night, 12/08/06, jumping all over NBC and David Gregory for the well publicized incident between Gregory and Tony Snow. Repeating the accusation from his opening talking points, BOR claimed that NBC had turned sharply left. Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall were on hand for the regular Policing The Press segment and after praising Goldberg for his reputation as a tough reporter , asked for his opinion of the Snow/Gregory incident.

Goldberg , playing the role of a wise and experienced journalist, claimed that Gregory made it all about himself instead of the story.

"Gregory way too often is becoming the center of the story. That kind of stuff gets you invited on the Leno show and gets you talked about. Journalists are careerists first, and what he's doing is a good career move."

Then Goldberg went into one of his vague and meandering observations pondering a hypothetical situation where Tim Russert called Gregory out for putting himself in the story.It was pointless but managed to make Gregory look ineffective.

Jane Hall firmly defended both Gregory and NBC asserting that the network was not turning to the left. O'Reilly didn't like Hall's assertive stand and tried to interrupt her several times but she remained firm. BOR, of course, repeated his accusation against NBC with total certainty acting as if Jane Hall, American University Journalism Professor, was an incompetent judge of the issue.

comment: Maybe if Bill O'Reilly behaved like a competent, dignified journalist, he wouldn't be slammed so often by Olbermann and now Scarborough on MSNBC but he just keeps digging his own grave deeper each day.