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Revving Up For 2008, Carl Cameron Files Hit Piece on Barack Obama

Reported by Janie - December 7, 2006 -

During Tuesday night's "Special Report" (12/5), Fox News Correspondent Carl Cameron filed a report "introducing" Barack Obama to viewers, but used it as a vehicle to smear Obama while trying to paint him as another out of touch liberal elite.

Cameron began by tying Obama to George Soros, "The scrutiny has begun for Illinois Senator and 2008 White House hopeful Barack Obama. After a charity fundraiser at a posh Mandarin oriental hotel last night with billionaire Democratic philanthropist and Bush-critic George Soros (silence to let it sink in), Obama tried to reflect questions about turning up on New York Senator Hillary Clinton's turf and their emerging 2008 rivalry."

Barack Obama (clip): "I realize that it's fun to set these things up as sort of a contest between the two of us. Keep in mind by the way, I've got at least half of my colleagues in the Senate think they're going to be the next President."

CC: "Though he's written two books about himself already, most people know very little about Barack Hussein Obama Jr.'s uncommonly privileged (his emphasis) life.

His father is African, from Kenya. A Harvard PhD. He visited his father's village this year. His mother is white from Kansas, also a PhD. He grew up in Hawaii and abroad, attended elite private schools, Columbia University, Harvard Law. Got elected to the Illinois legislature in 96 and the US Senate in 2004. In both offices, he's cultivated a decidedly liberal voting record."

Comment: No mention of any of Obama's centrist legislation, such as his work on immigration.

According to Wikipedia: "Obama was a co-sponsor of the "Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act", S. 1033, introduced by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on May 12, 2005.[41] Obama also supported a later revision, the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act", S. 2611, passed by the Senate on May 25, 2006.[42] He offered three amendments that were included in the bill passed by the Senate: (1) to protect American workers against unfair job competition from guest workers; (2) require employer verification of their employees' legal immigration status through improved verification systems; and (3) fund improvements in FBI background checks of immigrants applying for U.S. citizenship."

Cameron continued by getting into what Republians are desperately attempting to hype as a controversy, "In Illinois, Obama also rubbed elbows with some shady political characters. He recently admitted it was a mistake he regretted to have gotten involved in a land deal with Democratic fundraiser Tony Rezko. Rezko is under federal indictment for allegedly scheming to extort money from companies seeking Illinois state contracts.

In 2005 Obama bought a $1.65 million dollar home on the south side of Chicago for $300,000 less than the asking price. On the very same day, Rezko bought an adjacent lot at it's full asking price from the same seller.

For 16 moths, Rezko and Obama collaborated on improving their properties, and last year, Obama bought some of Rezko's adjacent land to expand his own.

The Senator has issued a statement saying, 'It was a mistake to have been engaged with him at all in this or any other personal business dealing that would allow him, or anyone else, to believe that he had done me a favor. For that reason, I consider this a mistake on my part and I regret it.'"

Comment: Woo! That sounds like complete and total desperation on the part of Republicans! Someone buys a million dollar + home for less than the original (possibly inflated) asking price, and then buys some land from his neighbor (Fox didn't mention whether this was at an appropriate rate or not)! It's obvious why Obama apologized, he certainly should have not allowed for their to be an apperance of anything untoward, but it doesn't seem that there was.

But, of course, this land deal was just an opening to turn to Fox's favorite villian, when Cameron contined:

CC: "A controversial deal called White Water led to a federal investigation of the Clinton's business dealings in Arkansas.

Obama maintains there was no wrong doing in his home purchase and arrangement with Rezko in Illinois.

Senator Clinton meanwhile, continues to accelerate her White House campaign. Fox News has learned she has invited more than a dozen influential Democrats from Iowa, home of the first caucus, to dinner at her Washington DC home next week, to discuss her plans.

She has also signed up a national finance director and a communications strategist."

Cameron went on to discuss John Kerry's ambitions for 2008, but left his discussion of Obama here. Cameron clearly was able to check off all of his objectives: paint him as a privleged liberal, tie him to George Soros and Hillary Clinton, overinflate a controversy, and neglect to mention one positive about a politician that has done so much good, while not interviewing the subject of the report.