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Melanie Morgan: Muslims Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Reported by Ellen - December 6, 2006 -

Hate-mongering Melanie Morgan, who looks as though she hasn’t laughed in at least a year, was back to spread some more of her shrill, mean spirit on Hannity & Colmes last night (12/5/06) in at least the third H&C discussion about the six imams thrown off a US Airways plane a few days before Thanksgiving. Rather than offer any kind of understanding or sympathy for the plight of the imams, who were never charged with any crime, Morgan accused them of insensitivity toward their fellow passengers by acting too publicly Muslim. She said, “Let us not exonerate these six Imams until all of the facts are in.”

Last I checked, Morgan is a talk show host with a checkered past who has no professional training or experience in security or aviation. Nevertheless, nobody questioned her authority when she announced “We need to use proven psychological, racial and ethnic profiling” on airplanes. She grandiosely offered, “I think that if I were a young Muslim male, who had no evil intentions in my heart, I would be grateful for any additional profiling that would take place because that would mean my family and myself would be flying safely.”

Alan Colmes asked wryly if that meant someone should be grateful for being taken off a plane, put in handcuffs and detained for hours, as the six imams were.

That was the imam’s fault, according to Morgan. They should have more sensitivity toward the other passengers, she claimed. And if they were wrongly removed, detained and handcuffed, they ought not complain. “I think that there needs to be more tolerance on the part of people who are fitting a profile that Americans are looking at.” Morgan thought we should all be grateful to US Airways for their actions.

If the imams weren't terrorists, they were likely up to no good anyway, Morgan seemed to think. She conjectured that the imams might be making a fuss over the incident because they are “determined to create a lawsuit, an anti-discrimination lawsuit in order for us to lose our resolve and our nerve to fight the war on terrorism.”

When Colmes asked if she had any evidence that the imams “did this as a bit,” Morgan sneered, “Do you have any evidence that they don't?”

Morgan told Colmes, “There is a lot of suspicion by some of the passengers on board that airplane that these people were actually probing some our air defenses.” For Morgan, passengers’ suspicions is as good as hard evidence.

While Hannity & Colmes has over-covered this story (and the one about the “threat” of white genocide), there was no coverage of Robert Gates’ confirmation hearings. Which one is more important to the War on Terror?