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Hannity & Colmes Presents The Perfect FOX News Boogeyman: An African-American Proclaiming War On Christmas

Reported by Ellen - December 6, 2006 -

Hannity & Colmes outdid itself with high-tech lynchings last night, December 5. After three discussions vilifying people of color, there was a fourth in which an African-American discussed why he thinks this should not be a Merry Christmas for blacks. A black man proclaiming war on Christmas? This is a subject destined for FOX News hype.

First, the show’s top story was ANOTHER (at least the third) segment on the Imams kicked off a US Airways plane. This one featured hate-mongerering Melanie Morgan’s claim that the Imams should have been glad to have been so mistreated because it proved the airline was looking out for their safety (more on this segment later). That was followed by a second go-round with Dennis Prager, the hate-mongering talk show host who claims that African-American Keith Ellison’s use of the Koran in his ceremonial swearing-in to Congress is a bigger threat to the country than 9/11. This time “poor” Prager was defended by both Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes because some people have objected to his appointment to the US Holocaust Memorial Council. Prager insisted that he was pro-Bible, not anti-Koran, and that he’d be just as adamantly against the use of Dianetics by a Scientologist. But it’s hard to imagine he’d have made the claim that using Dianetics would make the country more vulnerable to terrorism, the way he did with Ellison’s use of the Koran. Hannity, of course, agreed that Prager had been misunderstood and Colmes argued it's a free speech issue. Prager has the right of free speech, of course, but that doesn’t give him license to smear a Muslim and then get appointed to a council devoted to promoting religious tolerance.

Then, there was a reprise of last night’s target, African-American Kamau Kambon, calling for the extermination of whites. H&C never shows any interest in white racism toward blacks but Kambon has received two (so far) segments. Right now, it’s the featured story on the Hannity & Colmes webpage, as though Kambon’s year-old rant has some important bearing on today. FOXNews.com trumpets the danger to whites by saying, “A university professor calls on blacks to exterminate white people.” In fact, Kambon is a former professor but why let the facts get in the way of associating him with another FOX News bugaboo, academia? As I have discussed many times, Hannity & Colmes frequently digs up some African-American extremist, then presents him (or her, but usually him) in such a way as to imply that he is representative of the larger black community. Last night, H&C hit the jackpot with a guest from The New Black Panther Party defending Kambon. The show used the opportunity to re-play the video of Kambon talking about killing whites, then both hosts attacked the second man for trying to defend Kambon. Even Alan Colmes talked down to the guest in a way I found very troubling. Not surprisingly, that segment is also currently featured on the Hannity & Colmes webpage.

But frightening Muslims, a Bible-promoting “victim” and a genocide-advocating African-American can’t hold a candle to a black man declaring war on Christmas. I’m surprised the show waited until nearly the end to put on Rev. Paul Scott. Not only did he complain about the “white images” of Christmas, he dressed the part of someone Melanie Morgan would want thrown off a plane - by wearing a leather skullcap and a dashiki-type top.

According to the introduction, Scott said that police shootings of African-Americans as well as the “n-word” episodes from Michael Richards and Andy Dick meant that there’s no reason for blacks to be merry this holiday season. Reverend Scott complained that Christmas is Eurocentric and the “whitest time of year.” But, like the New Black Panther before him, Scott was not really there to discuss race but to be made a spectacle of.

“Do you not like white people?” Sean Hannity asked in his bullyboy voice, then mocked Scott’s answer that he loves all people.

“Why should we always have a white Christmas?” Scott asked. “Jerusalem’s in Northeast Africa.”

In contrast to his behavior with Prager, who is just as much of an extremist as Scott, Hannity ignored Scott's thoughts and concentrated on ridiculing him. “Where do you come up with these cockamamie ideas. This is nuts,” Hannity said. But, of course, Hannity found nothing cockamamie about Dennis Prager’s claim that posing with the Koran was a threat to national security.

Scott asked Hannity if, when he was a child, he ever sat on a black Santa Claus’ knee.

“You’re missing the whole point,” Hannity said. “It seems like you have a problem with race issues,” Hannity, the pot, accused. “You are obsessed with lily-white.”

“The day (Christ) was born has nothing to do with race,” Colmes chimed in with his own disapproval, before ending the interview.

How long can it be until John Gibson and Bill O’Reilly snatch up Scott to demonize on their own shows? Will Scott be transformed from object of ridicule into a Christmas menace by then? Whatever his role, any legitimate issues of race in America he’s trying to raise are sure to be dismissed as black racism and fanaticism.