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Secular Progressive Beats Culture Warrior

Reported by Judy - December 5, 2006 -

It was only a minor skirmish in a much broader war, but Monday night Secular Progressive Keith Olbermann bested Culture Warrior Bill O'Reilly in a key ratings measure. With video.

Olbermann, anchor of MSNBC's "Countdown," recorded 397,000 viewers ages 18 to 54 in the last quarter hour of "Countdown," compared with 363,000 for Fox News' "O'Reilly Factor." For the entire hour in the same demographic, O'Reilly had 413,000 to 366,000 for Olbermann.

Yeah, I know it was only for 15 minutes, the 15 minutes when everyone turns in to see if O'Reilly will be the worst person in the world yet again.

Olbermann led into the ratings discussion with a piece regarding polling data on hypothetical presidential matchups between media celebrities carried out by Survey USA. The polling company asked 200,000 people about several matchups, including SP Olbermann vs. CW O'Reilly. O'Reilly won that contest, taking 34 states to 16 for Olbermann, although Olbermann said 18 states would have been so close in the actual balloting that the outcome would have had to be decided by hanging chads.

Nevertheless, for 15 minutes last night, Olbermann can taunt O'Reilly with, "We're No. 1."